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Spider-Man 3

In recent weeks several posters have been released. Don’t they look cool? Oh and check out the trailers, doesn’t the movie look promising? The previous two Spider-Man movies were great; they were fun, entertaining and had a great story too. My personal favourite is the first one. Loved Peter Parker’s narration. Too bad we have to wait another year before the movie’s out.

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Moonlight Mile (2002)

This must be like the third movie I’ve watched with Jake Gyllenhaal in it. Here he plays Joe whose fiancée just died a few days before the wedding. He’s now in her hometown …I guess where the wedding was supposed to and is pretty much stuck with her parents, playing the loyal groom-to-be, helping with the funeral and other stuff. Joe feels awfully uncomfortable with the whole thing… as it turns out, his fiancée and him has just before she died, called off the wedding (Which I don’t know why he felt soo guilty and was carrying this information around. I don’t even remember if there was ever infidelity involved, he should have just told her parents sooner) Along the way he meets a young woman whose still hanging on to missing boyfriend…and well they fall in love.

Overall I found the movie quite a bore. I thought it was going to be a great emotional drama. But it wasn’t.

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Shopgirl (2005)

Shopgirl is actually based on a novella of the same name written by Steve Martin….yes the actor…and he stars in this as well.

Claire Danes stars as Mirabelle a lone salesgirl at the glove counter at Saks 5th Avenue; a girl who is originally from Vermont who now leads a rather lonely existence in the city of her employment. Then she meets Jeremy this sloppy guy she meets at the laundry mat who says the goofiest and most confusing things at the top of his head. And although Jeremy is not the most eligible bachelor around, he does seem to sincerely like her.

Just as Mirabelle meets Jeremy, Ray Potter (Steve Martin) a rich successful man who is at least 20 years her senior, steps into her life. Ray proposes a relationship with no strings attached, which Mirabelle agrees. But Mirabelle starts to fall in love with Ray and soon learns that she has no place in his future plans.

Who will Mirabelle choose? A great movie providing a glimpse into human loneliness, detachment and inability of investing emotions and oneself in a relationship for fear of being hurt. It also has a tinge of comedy with the mistaken identities of Ray. I say watch it.

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Great Links

Here are some great links that I know of, that you might want to check out. All for your movie, film, TV, entertainment needs.

www.imdb.com ——> Movies

www.movies.go.com ——> Movies

www.hollywood.com ——> Movies

www.ign.com ——> Movies, Music, Games….

www.tv.com ——> TV

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Fragile (2005)

Another movie with a supernatural theme. I like watching these type of movies. Too bad there are soo few good ones. So far the ones I like are The Sixth Sense, The Others and The Devils Backbone. Oh and I recently I watch Rosemary’s Baby although it doesn’t deal with ghosts like the others I mentioned its really good and a classic too (Go watch these Movies!!)

Well anyway, here we see another actress we haven’t seen in a long time, Calista Flockhart, a.k.a Ally Mcbeal. Calista plays Amy a nurse who has just gotten a job at a children’s hospital that is about to relocate and she caring for the last remaining ward that has yet to move. You know how hospitals always tend to be creepy at night, especially old ones. Well this was an old one and lucky Amy get to be the night nurse. On the first day on the job, she finds out that the second floor has been completely shut off. I mean people just left, equipments n furniture was just left, as they were which means that something horrific must have happened right. Even the second floor button in the lifts were removed so no one could go up.

Cut the story short…creepy things starts to happen. Maggie, one of the patients swore she has seen the mechanical girl who is haunting the hospital. About halfway through the movie…Amy actually goes up to the second level (Brave or crazy??) and we finally get to see how it looks like…The hospital itself is old, dark and gloomy but the second floor…its practically rotting. I wonder why the roof hasn’t collapse. There Amy finds a picture and a film that would reveal the mechanical girl’s identity. In the end…a few people died…even Amy almost died.

It really isn’t a bad movie. Most people would probably enjoy it…I did.

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View from the Top

Light hearted romantic comedy. Watched it because I thought it would be funny. Plus with comedies you don’t have to think… right. Overall it is quite funny. Gwyneth Paltrow plays a small town girl who wants to get out and see the world. She becomes a flight stewardess. She eventually gets her dream job. Serving first class on international flights…blah blah blah The movie is not that bad…but what can you write about comedies. Gwyneth should just stick to dramas though.

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Donnie Darko (2001)

I can’t decide if like this one or not just yet. It’s not an easy movie…and sometimes I do like this type of movies. You need to watch it more than once to fully grasp what it’s trying to tell you. It’s like when you’re watching something for the second time or so and you realise what that particular scene finally meant and you’re like…the people behind this movie is soo smart. Well I think this is, that type of movie.

The story: Jake Gyllenhaal plays Donnie a teenager who sees this scary looking large bunny rabbit named Frank. Frank tells him that the world is going to end in about 28 days. Along the way Frank commands Donnie to do several crimes…and he does, in a trance like way. He flooded his school and torches a local self-help motivational speaker, Jim Cunningham’s house.

Watching the movie, you fell sorry for Donnie. It’s obvious that Donnie is a relatively smart kid and he knows he’s going crazy. Like there was this one scene where after his mother has just found out from his psychiatrist that he sees Frank and she’s in Donnie’s room looking at sketches of the bunny rabbit Frank finally realizing the state her son was in. Donnie is there with her and says, how does it feel to have a wacko for a son. “It feels wonderful” she says. Isn’t that sad…well I thought it was.

Anyway, when the end finally comes. You realize that the world does not end after 28 days, Donnie’s did. Watch it. Not an easy movie, you probably don’t understand it the first time. I’m not even sure I understand fully…maybe that’s the way its suppose to be….open to interpretation.

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Soundtrack Channel

I love this channel. I’m sick of MTV. Where is the MUSIC??? They keep showing those reality shows. And when they do show the music videos…its only the same Top 40 over and over again.

Now Soundtrack Channel not only have music from movies, which is great cause some movies have wonderful music, but it also has movie news, movie previews and a bunch of movie related stuff. Which is just great!!!

It’s quite a new channel too. It only started I think around 2002. Lets hope it’s around for a long long time.

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Risky Business (1983)

Pretty much the only reason I’m watching this movie is because I think this was Tom Cruise some what debut movie role. I’m not really his fan or anything but I have seen that dance scene played out a lot…so I wanted to see how the movie was. Even David Arquette’s character in Never Been Kissed impersonated Tom Cruise Risky Business scene.

The story: Tom Cruise is Joel a goody goody kid who goes bad when his parents are away. He calls a call girl. Gets into a whole lot of trouble. He even holds a party for his friends to hook up with call girls. Now Joel isn’t really that smart in school. And yet he still managed to get into Princeton…Why??? Because the college admission guy got some pretty good service at Joel’s party. And in the end…everything ends well for Joel.

I don’t like this movie. I think I hate it. There is no story. “Good kid” go “bad” and have some sex with some call girl who is overly “smart” enough to con him???Bad bad bad. And everything ends very well for the kid in the end?? Crap. I’ll never watch it again.

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Shakespeare in Love (1998)

I’ve actually watched this before. I think it was in 1999 or 2000. I was at school. It was for some literature enrichment thing. This is one of the reasons why I liked Literature in school…we actually get to watch movies. Anyway, as you can see it was a couple of years ago. I can’t really quite remember how the story went so I watched it again. In brief: Shakespeare is a young playwright . Viola is a upper class lady who loves watching plays. She decides to dress up as a boy and auditions for a little play called Rome and Juliet written by Shakespeare. Along the way Viola and Shakespeare falls in love…but it’s a secret affair as Voila is to marry some rich powerful Lord. And well that’s it Its about Shakespeare in love and how Viola becomes his inspiration for his later writings…Hmm…Now that I’ve watched it again, I can say that I don’t quite like it…I know it won a bunch of Oscars and stuff but no…Oh and I must say…I thought the set…looked liked a set…was that intended?

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