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The Wicker Man (1973)

I managed to catch this movie a few weeks ago on Arts Central. And its timely screening I’m guessing is in conjunction to the soon to be released Nicholas Cage remake. I only know of this movie too because I have seen the remake’s posters.

The setting of the original is on some isolated Scottish island…a police sergeant is sent from the mainland to investigate the disappearance of a young girl. Through interviews with the local people and his own observations he discovers that most, if not all the locals are pagans. He soon starts to believe that the disappearance of the young girl has something to do with a sacrificial ritual that the locals practice.

The opening music, the image of a sleepy town and the thought of heavily accented English, made me think that the movie was going to be boring…. but it wasn’t. It might be slow at times, but never boring. The remake’s posters led me to believe that it was some kind of a horror, ghostly movie…. but its not. Its just a movie about the secret practices of an island inhabitants, which is I have to say is shocking and horrifying to see anyone practicing such rituals…but I wouldn’t say it’s a horror movie.

Overall I find it interesting and a good watch. The only rather hardly…hardly believable part was…why did the police only sent one of their guys for the investigation??

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Reality Bites (1994)

Things rarely turn up the way you pictured it would…thus reality bites. Lelaina (Winona Ryder) just graduated from college and was the valedictorian of her class. But she ends up working as a lowly production assistant of some kind to a ridiculous talk show (most talk shows are ridiculous I might add). So she hates her job, and her boss hates her more…and she sabotages her boss on air…we all wish we could do that right? Then, of course she gets fired…to makes things worst for her, she gets caught in a love triangle between a video executive and one of her closest friend, Troy.

One of the more interesting characters of the lot…is Troy (Ethan Hawke). The brooding genius who refuses to…well… fit the mould and apply himself in anything…and would rather work at the newspaper stand, and still managed to get fired. Thus he is unemployed, without income and crashes at his friends’ home all too often. And what else does a brooding genius do??…They have a band and play at clubs of course.

I like it,its nice to see that everyone else is not sailing through everything…even though they are valedictorians…which kinda makes you think how little people like us will make it through. Avoid this if you’re a brooding genius as you might find it all a tad cliché. But I like this movie.

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