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Stuck on You (2003)

When this first came out in the theaters… I thought… what a dumb movie… a movie about a pair of conjoined twins who looked nothing alike at all…plus one of them look significantly older than the other. I couldn’t believe Matt Damon…who rarely did comedies…decided to do this one.

Several weeks ago, Stuck on You was shown on tv… and seeing as there was nothing else on tv…I decided to watch it. Hmm…and guess what…it wasn’t bad. It was actually entertaining. I’m not a fan of comedies…but this one has a few laughs in it. It isn’t the best comedy out there, but if you’re up for a light hearted movie…check this one out.

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Crossroads (2002)

So I watched it on tv… and ok, it was bad … but it wasn’t the most terrible movie out there…there are worse… right? The storyline and script was quite childish… its like as if a kid wrote it and said …”oh lets have the characters make a time capsule when they were kids… then high school came and they weren’t friends anymore, then against all odds they went on a road trip together, then they met this guy who falls for the virginal Lucy, then the girls went to a singing contest, and in the end the road trip is road to self discovery” … hmm yes it was quite bad.

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Movies We Don’t Like

…and why does others simply love them? Ever get that feeling? Entertainment Weekly has two recent features (I’m not exactly sure when its dated) listing some of the movies. The first feature is Staff Confessions: The movie everyone loved but me. On their lists are Magnolia, Titanic, Notting Hill, A Beautiful Mind, Dumb and Dumber, Dances with Wolves, Donnie Darko, Jerry Maguire, Singing in the Rain, Jackass the Movie, Punch-Drunk Love, 21 Grams, Sin City, Million Dollar Baby. Of those listed I’ve only watched Titanic (which I thought was an ok blockbuster), A Beautiful Mind (was quite boring), Donnie Darko (which I quite like) and Jerry Maguire (another ok movie).

The second feature is the readers’ pick on the great films they don’t like. On the list are…Crash (I actually liked it) , English Patient, Napoleon Dynamite ( I absolutely agree….hated it), The Matrix ( I just don’t get it), Lost in Translation ( Haha I was lost too), The Blair Witch Project, Theres Something About Mary, Brokeback Mountain, Pulp Fiction, Forest Gump (just ok), Ameriacn Beauty (I really liked this one) , Lord of the Rings ( Liked this one too), Mystic River( quite a disappointment…I think), E.T. (Like) Moulin Rouge (Absolutely Loved it), Mulholland Drive, Sideways and Fargo (actually liked it).

Head on over to the Entertainment Weekly site to read their feature. Click here for the staff confessions and here for readers’ pick.

Entertainment Weekly also have a feature on Kirsten Dunst as modern Marie Antoinette. They have some pretty pictures. Click
here to check it out.


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Peter Jackson to direct the Hobbit??

Hopefully this is so. After successfully bringing Lord of the Rings to the screens it would be great if can also direct the Hobbit…can anyone see anyone else directing it?? MGM agrees and says that Peter Jackson is the ideal choice. Read here for the full details. Here’s hoping that the Hobbit is as good as Lord of the Rings and that most of the cast reprise their roles.

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I just found Flixster…well actually my friend invited me to join it. I was thrilled to find something like it online…why haven’t I found it earlier??

Flixster is an online movie community. Its a bit like Friendster and Myspace, except its all about movies. Members can rate the movies they’ve watched. Get recommendations, view what your friends have watched and how they’ve rated. You can even take the MCT…the movie compatibility test with your friends to see if you have similar taste in movies. Oh and there’s even the neverending movie quiz. Basically this is the place for the ultimate movie fan…and I love it. Check out my Flixster page.

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V for Vendetta (2006)

I finally bought the V for Vendetta DVD. Its the Deluxe edition. It contains 2 discs and the graphic novel…yes the graphic novel…thats the reason I finally bought it. But I felt cheated afterwards…it isn’t the full story….cheat.

The movie itself is really good and I really liked it. Natalie Portman’s English accent does seem awkward at first…but it kinda grows on you. I must say…that when reading the graphic novel I had pictured, V to have a more booming theatrical voice…but this was not so…but other than that, everything was good. Loved how they designed the future without making it too overly futuristic. The special effects and action was simple but great. The goverment with its primarily red and black colours, tough law enforcement, prying eyes, with its surveillance and and bugs in people homes, intruding their private lives all in the name of national security…is no less terrifying as the chosen oppressor…while, Hugo Weaving was utterly wicked as villain/vigalante in that equally wicked smiling Guy Fawkes mask. V is somewhat of an intellectual, quoting people and even managed to say a string of sentences full of words beginning with V, but when he starts his theatrically acrobatic dagger wielding, he looks like the typical comic superhero…except that he’s not…and he does it soo much cooler. And…Evey…our Narrator…Evey is an important accidental accomplice of V. Without her…V’s plans would not have occur as it would, and without Evey would’t V look less human. Will V’s ‘terrorist’ schemes succeed? Watch to find out.

Special features for the dvd…I can’t really complain much…There’s the making of, designing the future…which was how the made the set, a feature on Guy Fawkes, a music video, the trailer and some other extra features.

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Posters Galore

I love posters. A great poster garners interest for the movie. First impressions are everything right? Here are some recent ones.

The Queen: Isn’t it funny how Helen Mirren gets to play Queen Elizabeth I for TV and now Queen Elizabeth II for the big screens. Well this one suppose to be a look into the whole thing following Prinsess Diana’s death. That shoud be interesting.

Shrek 3: I love shrek. It’s hilarious. Its one of the more recent animation, that I like ( What’s the big deal with Finding Nemo…I find it quite a bore). Hmm…but this poster is rather plain. Just a bit fat green 3 with all the characters behind it.

Marie Antoinette: I’m looking forward to this film. But seeing that I rarely go to the cinemas, I’d have to wait 5 months or so before I can rent it on DVD. I must say I don’t like this poster…its a bit weird. I much prefer the white pinkish ones that were previously released.

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Lost Has Lost My Interest

Lost has lost my interest. This was bound to happen from the very start. It has undoubtedly lost many other fans along the way too.

Lost started of very well, it looked liked a movie, very action oriented with a whole lot of mystery. I had thought that it even looked a bit like Lord of the Flies except the plane survivors did not really start attacking each other since they all have a common enemy….the Others….yes the elusive…the Others. When are we ever going to get to bottom of it. Are the survivors all in purgatory or just a cruel social experiment. A hatch here a hatch there, a flashback here a flashback there, another cliffhanger, a new mystery at the end of every episode…its just a bit too tiring.

You know the whole thing about all the children being taken…because they were the innocents or something like that….Well the real reason why there are no children is because the story just moves too slowly. By the end of season 1, the survivors have been on the island for 40+ days and by the end of season 2 probably close to 3 months…rite? The thing is children grow up fast, so they can’t possibly have children with a slow moving story. The next time Walt appears…he will probably be as tall as his father.

So yes, Lost has lost my interest. Unless things move faster in the third season, it will be unlikely that I will continue to tune in.

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Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix

Last week several new pictures of the movie were released. We finally get a sneak peek at how the movie is going to look like. Sadly though the movie will only open next year. Why can’t the studio hurry up with the movies. The kids are growing up so fast…soon they won’t look like kids anymore.

Here’s one of Harry and the rest of his schoolmates. When pictured alone, Daniel Radcliffe always looked kinda tall, pictured with the rest of the cast…we can see he’s not. Check out the rest of the pictures here.

Surfing the net today, I found out that Emma Watson may not return for sixth movie since she hasn’t signed the papers to be commited yet…No…no…the movies won’t be the same again…Hmm is she getting greedy and asking for more money??? I know..the studios get tons of money with the series and since she’s one of the leading actress she should get quite a share…but the thing is …the Harry Potter series is all she’s ever done…rite??…she’s only played one character…so it isn’t a good idea to get greedy. Read here for more info.

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