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My Pick for Movies of 2007

I like period/costume dramas…whatever you call them…so I’d really like to see it. Plus I’m actually reading the book…Hopefully I can finish it before I have to return it to the library though. The director is also the guy who brought us Run Lola Run and The Princess and the Warrior. I of course have never watched Run Lola Run but I loved the Princess and the Warrior. The Perfume trailer has been out for a while now and it does look good too…So check out the trailer

The Invisible
A teenager is attacked and left for dead and becomes a spirit of somekind. He goes to school and realises no one can see or hear him. He struggles to tell his friends and family where his body lies. I saw the trailer recently and I found the story interesting…sounds something like The Sixth Sense

and The Others…well maybe the teenaged version at least… although I think they’re going for more of a murder mystery type of thing. Check out the trailer

Because I Said So
This looks like a fun romantic comedy that I would actually like.I love the Gilmore Girls and this one actually stars Lauren Graham whom I’ve never seen acting in a feature film.It also has Mandy Moore who I have to say is the best singer turn actress out of the four pop princesses that came out in 1999. The trailer looks good..check the movie trailer

Its been said that this might be the ‘teen’ version of Hitchcock’s Rear Window…so of course I want to see how this turn out. But this also means I have to check Rear Window first. No trailer and posters have been release. Check out the movie profile

The Nanny Diaries
A movie adapted from a bestselling book, the Nanny Diaries stars Scarlett Johansson as a college students goes to work as a nanny for a rich family in New York. I want to watch this one because its adapted from a bestselling book…I love watching adaptations. Plus I think this one could be good. Check out the pictures here and here.

Spiderman 3
Ok you must know by now, if you’re read my previous posts that Spider-Man is pretty much my favourite comic superhero movie. It has done everything right…terrific story, great drama, awesome action sequence and cool soundtrack. Plus the spider-man costume actually looks alright. Spider-Man 3 will feature Gwen Stacy and I’m curious how they will actually be fitting her into the story…and of course we will be seeing more villains this time. Trailer is out, check it
here and here.

Shrek the Third
Pretty much the only animation I watch. Hope its still still as funny as the previous two. Check out the trailer

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
So trailer has finally been released…you can check it out here. What can I say…it looks cool. The human torch looks cool as ever…so does the Silver Sufer…hmm who is the Silver Surfer anyway? You check out the trailer

Nancy Drew
I’ve never read Nancy Drew as a child…well now i don’t heve to right…The trailer is out and you can check it out

Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix
Harry’s adventures are always interesting and fun and most of all absolutely magical…even though they are supposedly to get more scarry as the years progressed…And Hogwarts…ahh I love the school…the set is amazing…just looks soo realistic…don’t u think…Check out the trailer

I’m not sure what the story is about…but its supposedly a fairytale of some kind thats adapted from Neil Gaiman novel. Saw the pictures on IMDB, it looks interesting, and the last fairytale type movie that I’ve watched was Ever After which was years ago…Hope this is good. Read the profile

Virgin Territory
Another period film…again I don’t really know what this movie is about…But it stars Mischa Barton and Hayden Christensen…so I ‘m interested to see what this movie will be like. Saw some of the movie stills…seems like a fleshy movie…I wonder if we will get to see the movie in Singapore. You can check out the pictures here.

Ok…Atonement is one of my favourite books…so naturally I’m awaiting the release of this movie.Keira Knightley is playing Cecilia the elder sister of the protagonist, Briony…I do hope that Keira’s character does not overshadow Briony…since Keira is soo famous and all….Anyway I hope its good and that it stays faithful to the book. Some stills are already out so check them out here.

The Eye
I want to watch this one because its a remake of the asian movie of the same title made by the Pang brothers. Curious if they will be able to pull this one off.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

One of my favourite books…so of course I want to see every version that is made. I’ve already seen the 1946 version which I didn’t really like. This one is a modern adaptation of the book. It stars David Gallagher aka Simon of 7th Heaven as Dorian…he is youthful and good looking enough though honestly I do not see him as Dorian…plus I’d rather watch it in its original setting. Anyway, the trailer is already out…check it out here.

The Other Boleyn Girl

Another adaptation and another period piece. This one is about two sisters who contend for the affection of a king and Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johnsson stars as the Boleyn sisters. With two of the best young actresses in Hollywood this has got to be good….right? Click here and here to view some pictures.

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The Boys Next Door (1996)

Looking at the title you might have thought this was another teen flick, but its not. Meet the boys next door: Norman is developmentally challenged and who works at a donut store. He loves his donuts, keys and has a crush on Sheila. Arnold is manic depressive and has problem returning the cereals he bought at the store. Lucien has an I.Q of a 5 year old and Barry is a schizophrenic who’s fearful of his insensitive father. They are the four mentally challenged grown men who live under one roof on their own This is of course only possible with the help of their social worker and friend Jack who checks on them regularly.

I’m not really a fan of Hallmark movies. I usually find them overly sentimental and melodramatic with poor acting. But here the story was actually good .It was able to be funny and touching at the same time while giving an insight to the lives of these men. I thought the actors too did a commendable job portraying mentally challenged people as realistically as they could. Definitely worth the watch.

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Big Movies Coming to You in 2007

I used to watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons as kid. It sure would be interesting to see how this movie is gonna be like.I think it was a good move to actually make a CG animated movie rather than a live action movie and the trailers look pretty good too. But honestly I don’t think it would do too well at the box office though.

Spider-Man 3
Now this movie will of course do well.I love the Spider-Man movies. They’re always fun,with a good story,great action sequences and of course it has a great sountrack too. Can’t wait to see it.

Shrek the Third
This is probably the only animated film that I watch and like…The Shrek films are always very funny. Love the fairytale spoofs.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World Ends
I don’t get how the Pirates of the Caribbean films are soo successful. I watched the first one…and I just find it ok…actually much too long too.And I wasn’t exactly looking forward to sequels. But anyway other people love so I’m sr

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Although the Fantastic Four movie wasn’t as good as the Spider-Man and X-Men movies …I still thought it was a fun movie…ok well…I like SuperHero movies…I want to see how this will turn out … good I hope. Neither the trailer nor the poster has been released yet

Yes…I used to watch the cartoons too. Its interesting how the cartoons of my generation have made it to the big screens in 2007. Just saw the teaser trailer…its ok…I’m doubtful though that it will be any good. I just think it’s a mammoth task to make it into a live action movie and to make it as realistic as possible…well that’s just what I think.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
I love the Harry Potter movies. Its just fun and I love seeing the magical world of Harry Potter come to life…especially Hogwarts of course. I’m sure there are tons of other people excited about this movie too. Oh and the seventh book has been named…Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The Simpsons Movie
After more than 10 years on tv…they finally decided to make it into a movie. I’m certainly curious if its gonna be good.

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She’ the Man (2006)

A friend of mine recommended this movie. She told me that it was a funny movie. I wasn’t really too keen on it. I’ve outgrown watching teen flicks…they no longer appeal to me…but I do watch them from time to time. And if you’re not having too good a day…and just want to sit back and watch a movie where you don’t have to… pretty much think…then teen flicks are it…so are romantic comedies by the way.

So I finally watched it.What can I say…its pretty much for the tween/teen population…with plenty of good looking 20 somethings still playing teenage roles. Amanda Bynes still looks like she’s playing her role of Holly from What I Like About You. The story: Viola(Amanda) disguises as her brother Sebastian so she could join the schools boys soccer team…the point being , to show that she is as good as any boy at playing soccer. Viola’s/Sebastian’s roomate is Duke, who has a crush on Olivia but Olivia has a crush on Sebastian…and along the way, Viola/Sebastian falls for Duke…and so occurs some comical mishaps. OK so the movie is funny but there wasn’t any real laugh out loud moments.And of course it is predictable too.I think it would have been a pretty decent movie for the genre…if not for the overflow of cheese. The scene where Viola/Sebastian had her friends act like they were lusting over her were over done. One friend was enough. And they had to make Duke disapprove of Sebastians objectification of girls?? And near the end they had Duke’s friend profess his love for the nerdy girl??? How much cheesy moments can they throw into a movie?

Overall though, its a fun movie for the kids,with good looking people and a pretty good sountrack filled with fairly recent pop tunes that were very fitting for the film.If you love teen flicks I’m sure you love this one too. You might also want to check out 10 Things I Hate About You, O and Romeo and Juliet…all based on William Shakespeare’s work.

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Princess and the Warrior (2000)

Or Krieger und die Kaiserin, Der , its original German title. I wonder if its a direct translation?…Franka Potente plays Sissi a rather isolated young woman whose life seems to revolve around her work as a nurse at Birkenhof asylum. One day as she was crossing the road in town with a patient, she was hit by a huge truck. Miraculously she survived the hit but lies underneathe it unable to move and choking. And along came Bodo who hides beneathe the truck to loose the people who were chasing him…and so he became the one to save her, fittingly of course since he was the who had cause the accident…unknowingly. Later when Sissi has fully recovered from her injuries, she is determine to find Bodo…and ultimately does. Bodo doesn’t seem to take it too well…He has his owns problems. His wife had recently died and it seems is drowning in grief or issit guilt? He even sleepwalks and would end up more than once I’m guessing hugging,what looks like to me, the heater. Basically he doesn’t need anyone right now and rejects her.

The main theme of the movie as you would’ve guess it is fate and destiny. In some ways you’d see that Bodo is meant to cause the accident, so that he can meet and save Sissi… so that Sissi can help him move on with his life. And so that Bodo in turn saves her from her isolation. In other words they save each other. I won’t go further with the details because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.In the end it is a love story…but I hope you’re not turned off by that…because its not your usual type of love story. Visually it was pretty. The story is unusual, different, sad, but great. The acting too was good. I’m not sure how else to describe it. So just watch it. Its really good. I thought it was good. So yes, go watch it.

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2006 List: The Not-So-Great Posters

I’m sure there are tons of not-so-great posters out there. These are my pick.

The Prestige It don’t like that spiral thing. It was quite a while before I realise it was the Prestige poster Just My Luck Lindsay’s face look like its awkwardly pasted on the body Happily N’Ever After Animation posters usually are pretty dull. This one is not the least bit interesting Aurora Borealis Is this a poster for a tv movie? Because it sure does look like it Marie Antoinette This poster is just weird looking Ghost Rider Its just boring. Going by that…I think the movie is foing to be a flop Shrek 3 Just way too much stuff going on

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2006 List

As 2007 approaches several people have compiled their own movie related list, the most recent I saw was a top 5 posters posted by a blogger. So thought I’d start my own too.

Great Posters

They are in no particular order. I’m sure there a lot of great looking posters out there…these are just my pick.

Runing With Scissors Simple but good American Dreamz Like the dramatic singing Statue of Liberty with red stockings The Good German So 40’s Casablanca like The Simpsons Movie Of course…Homer and his doughnut…Perfect Hard Candy Love the little red riding hood as a trap V for Vendetta All its posters are great Penelope No idea whats the movie is about, but the poster is simple and pretty Thank You For Smoking A sign.Simply clever Marie Antoinette Very pretty…love the title’s fonts Breaking and Entering Again no idea what this movie is about…really like its simplicity.The close ups reminds me of the Closer poster Spiderman 3 All its posters are pretty awesome…Death of a President Looks so much like a still of a real life event Eragon Simple, great looking dragon.

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Enigma (2001)

Dougray Scott plays Thomas Jericho who is working with a team of other code breakers for the Allied forces during the second world war. He is also haunted by memories of his now missing girlfriend…or issit ex-girlfriend. During one of his flashbacks…we see that they had been in some argument before she disappeared…which made me think…did he have something to do with her disappearance…and is now suppressing his memories? But later in her room he finds some secret code thing she had hid under the wooden floors…so is she a spy…a traitor maybe? He meets her roommate…and they take it upon themselves to search for the truth. Eventually though…we find out that she is pretty much alive…staged her own disappearance or something like that …I’m not sure.

The thing is I didn’t fully understand the film. There are several reasons for this…I guess. One…it might have been the thick English accent. Two…the uneven audio. Sometimes I just couldn’t hear a thing…this is where subtitles would’ve been helpful. Distributors should really think about putting subtitles for all movies. Third…maybe I just can’t understand these “complex” conspiracy theory-spy-code breaker movies. Other than that it was a rather watch able film…considering I did watch till the very end.

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Twin Falls Idaho (1999)

I hate that I missed the first 5 minutes of the movie. Cause even though I watched the rest of it till the very end. It still feels incomplete. I hope to somehow catch it again.

The story: Mark and Michael Polish, real life identical twin brothers play conjoined twins Blake and Francis Falls who lives in a dingy rundown hotel. It is here too where they befriend the prostitute Penny. It seems they have come to this new place so that they could meet their biological mother who gave them up so long ago…no surprise that when they show up at her doorstep…she rejects them once again. We later find out that the reason they came to meet their mother is because, Francis is sick… fatally sick. With Penny as their only friend in the new town the brothers have to face the prospect of seperation, which may cause either or both of their lives.

I like the movie.Mark and Michael Polish played the part of Blake and Francis well. If you didn’t know any better you would really think they were conjoined. Michele Hicks was also great as the rather goth looking prostitute and the unlikely and only friend to Blake and Francis. The story was interesting, haunting and good…and the dark, gritty, depressing atmosphere, imaginery fits the story perfectly. I would definitely recommend this movie…

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The Giraffe (1998)

I have no idea why this movie is called the Giraffe, nothing of the kind appears. Its other title is Meschugge, I have no idea what that means too. So anyway, the story is of Lena a jewish German who meets David a jewish American on her trip to America, when she finds David’s mother fatally wounded outside her mother’s hotel room. The pair shares an almost immediate attraction. The only problem is that it seems they share a dark family secret that they were not aware of…and that Lena’s mother might have killed David’s mother.

The movie actually starts quite slow and dull…its one of several things made me want to just flip to a different channel. Second, Lena’s big curly hair was extremely annoying…who keeps hair like that anyway. Third, I felt the dubbing was poor…but after half hour or so, the movie begins to pick up its pace and become more interesting, so I continued watching. Oh and another complain, I thought the audio of the movie too wasn’t great. It was inconsistent. Certain times it was just way too soft I could not get anything…thus it was harder for me to understand the whole mystery behind Lena’s and David’s family history. But I did manage to well somewhat get the whole thing…Despite the stuff mentioned,I have to say its quite a good thriller.

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