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The Giraffe (1998)

I have no idea why this movie is called the Giraffe, nothing of the kind appears. Its other title is Meschugge, I have no idea what that means too. So anyway, the story is of Lena a jewish German who meets David a jewish American on her trip to America, when she finds David’s mother fatally wounded outside her mother’s hotel room. The pair shares an almost immediate attraction. The only problem is that it seems they share a dark family secret that they were not aware of…and that Lena’s mother might have killed David’s mother.

The movie actually starts quite slow and dull…its one of several things made me want to just flip to a different channel. Second, Lena’s big curly hair was extremely annoying…who keeps hair like that anyway. Third, I felt the dubbing was poor…but after half hour or so, the movie begins to pick up its pace and become more interesting, so I continued watching. Oh and another complain, I thought the audio of the movie too wasn’t great. It was inconsistent. Certain times it was just way too soft I could not get anything…thus it was harder for me to understand the whole mystery behind Lena’s and David’s family history. But I did manage to well somewhat get the whole thing…Despite the stuff mentioned,I have to say its quite a good thriller.

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