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X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

The X-Men are back. Jean is alive but has been consumed by her extreme powers and has turn into Dark Phoenix. Unable to control her powers, she is a danger to everyone including herself. At the same time the government releases news that they have found a cure for mutation. Mutants can now choose to loose their powers and become humans…which pretty much angers Magneto…who leads an army to rebel.

I love the X-Men. I’ve actually never read the comics but I’ve always loved the X-men cartoons…and I’m not talking about X-Men Evolution, where they’re all teenagers—I didn’t like that one. So anyway…I like the fact that they’ve added a few more X-Men like Beast, Angel, Colossus and Shadowcat. I mean especially Beast…isn’t he like one of the main X-Men…they should have added him sooner. And I still can’t believe they didn’t have Gambit…I would have love to see him.

**May Contain Spoilers**

Going into to the movie…I pretty much knew what was going to happen. I have only just watch it now…so my friends have already told me the main storylines after they watch it when it came out in the theatres. I was disappointed that they killed Cyclops soo early on…and like that. He is the 2nd in command. Surely he has to have a grander exit. Actually I’m also disappointed that Cyclops had not much a role in all the movies. Everything is focused on Wolverine.

Ok so here we get to see Jean become evil and all. I have to admit…I never really liked it when Jean becomes the Phoenix…and to write that into the movie…that’s a mammoth task…cause you need to explain a whole lot of stuff…like what brought about this change…and then showcase her great power…and that’s incredibly difficult. So the movie tried… I don’t know…everything seems awkward, unfinished …and can something that powerful die with a stab?? How does she die in the comics??…that’s what I’d want to know.

I’ll say it again…I’m glad they added more characters. We get to see Angel…even though he does nothing but fly around. Colossus…yes we do get to see him in action…fight and stuff. And then there’s Shadowcat…I think she’s pretty much the newbie with the most spotlight…and I like her…I’ve always found her a tad annoying in X-Men evolution…but I like her here. The thing is though… she should be with Colossus…cause I thought in the comics they were together…ok so maybe they wanted her to kinda come between Bobby and Rogue so that Rogue would get the cure an everything….than why did they cut the kiss part…cause the kiss would be more of a motive to get a cure rather than seeing them skate around right??? Because…Rogue can’t have any intimate contact or any human contact in fact. And Rogue….oh well we see very little of her…pity.

On the whole…yes the movie is good…its fun its entertaining…just the type you’d want to sit back…eat popcorn and enjoy…Even I enjoyed it even though I don’t really like the whole Phoenix thing. There’s more characters to see…of course you’ll also see some of them die. There’s more action… We get to see Storm twirling around bringing a storm. Shadowcat running through walls. There’s Wolverine and his claws. Bobby…actually turning into Iceman. Magneto moving bridges and Dark Phoenix in all her rage. Also there’s the ending…which kinda suggest that this may not be the end and that the cure is only temporary. I do hope this is not the last one. Please make a new one…with better character development please…because X-Men are all about the interesting characters…Oh and have Gambit.

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Confessions of an American Girl (2002)

Jena Malone plays Rena a teenager living in a trailer park with her mom, brother Jay (Brad Renfro) and half sister Barbie (Alicia Witt). She is suicidal and pregnant as a result of an affair with her secret popular boyfriend. Rena also has this notion that her life would be better if her dear father, who used to read her bedtime stories..or issit rhymes when she was little, had more part in her life…except that of course he’s in prison. So when the annual family picnic at the prison arrives…she convinces her mother to let her go there.

Two reasons why I wanted to watch this. One. Jena Malone. I think she’s a great actress…maybe one of the best actresses of her generation …too bad she doesn’t get too much notice since she doesn’t act in one of those popular teen flicks. Mostly she’s in those smaller drama and dark comedy type of films playing interesting complex characters. You’d might want to check out Stepmom, Donnie Darko, Life as a House and Dangerous Lives of the Altar Boys.

Second. Brad Renfro. Where has he been lately? This is the most recent I’ve seen him in. I liked the movies he did as a child. The client was an excellent debut for him. In Sleepers, his and the other child actors performances pretty much outshined the adults… which was no mean feat considering there was Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt And Minnie Driver. And then there was the Apt Pupil… which was pretty wicked.

**May Contain Spoilers**

Ok…so getting back to the movie. I like dark comedies and so I rather enjoyed this movie. Rena is a naive and rather childlike too. She believes she’s in love with her secret boyfriend…who obviously is just using her. She even thinks that the child she is pregnant with is some type of blessing and the three of them will live happily ever after. And when she failed to have that “I’m pregnant with your child “ conversation with her boyfriend she tries to commit suicide by hanging herself…and since this is a dark comedy…she fails at this one too as the branch, or was it the rope,…wasn’t strong enough. Of course she would make further attempts as the story progresses…like trying to overdose herself with children’s vitamins…yes go figure. I thought the conversation of her mother and the paramedic following the “attempted” suicide was quite funny.

Another thing about Rena…is that she loves her absent Daddy. She has this faint memory of him reading bedtime stories…and she pictures him to be a loving father…if only he was more around…her life would be much better and happier. Maybe he would even be happy that she is pregnant… So determine to see her father she convinces her mother and siblings to go to the picnic.

Since the majority of the film takes place in the prison. I won’t go into it any further…I don’t want ruin the movie for anyone. But I think it’s safe to say Rena’s father is not as she imagined him to be. As I’ve said before, I enjoyed the movie. It is funny, quirky and yet quite sad and tragic in dark comedy type of way. Jena Malone does a fine job here. Rena can be absolutely irritating in her naive ness…that makes you want to knock some sense into her…cause like its soo obvious…why cann’t you see!! But she is likeable, rather innocent, vulnerable and childlike and you feel sorry for her. Plus I guess we all can relate to the living in denial part. And Brad Renfro…whoa…he actually plays Rena’s gay brother here…what a change from the other characters he’s used to playing…and I think he pulled it off.

Wow…I got carried away here…I’ve written a tad too long. I’ll wrap it up. Good movie. Good story. Good Performances Thoroughly enjoyed it. If you enjoy dark comedies…you’ll probably enjoy this one. I’ll give it 3.5/5

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Under the Tuscan Sun

Diane Lane plays Frances a woman who becomes depressed after a terrible divorced. Worried, her friends encourage her to move on with her life and give her a ticket to a tour of Tuscany. Although reluctant at first she eventually goes on this tour. There she finds a run down villa which she decides, on impulse, to buy and start her life again from scratch. In this new place she meet all sorts of new people and so begins the rest of her life.

Hmm…don’t you just wish you were Frances…that when life takes an awful turn…your friends try to cheer you up by giving you a ticket to ITALY!!!! An all expense paid trip!!!I would probably jump at the chance. And she later buys a house in Tuscany….how do you do that?? Just pick up and leave and just relocate somewhere else…don’t you have to worry about getting a pass and all the immigration stuff first…and how to earn a living there…oh but wait… she already has money….yes yes how lucky of her!…And she’s a writer (who writes reviews??? instead of writing her overdue novel???)…easier to relocate right…perfect choice of occupation there.

Overall…the film is ok not really as good as I though it would be. The scenery is of course beautiful…it’s probably one of the reasons that actually keep anyone watching it. Diane Lane was also perfect for the role…I think she does roles of lost women in the midst of life ‘crisis’ (divorce/affair) and seduced by handsome European men ( remember Unfaithful ) really well. The story itself is so so…typical feel good chick flick…although it doesn’t really have much of the romance thing going on…its more of how she rebuild her life type of thing I guess…and obviously it all ends on a happy note. So hmm let me see…I’ll give it a 3 out of 5 stars. Watch it on a rainy day when you want to watch beautiful scenery where the sun is always shining.

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Pics and Trailers

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Yep we have 2 new pictures of Harry Potter…you can view the other one here.
Just 7 more months to The Order of the Phoenix

Becoming Jane

The trailer is finally out… it looks ok. I do hope its good. You can check it out here and judge for yourself. Meanwhile, you can also view some of the movie stills that have been released here…it all looks very pretty isn’t it? And some set pics here

King of California

I think this might actually be a good movie…saw the trailer ( click here to view), and I like how it looked…seems like a quirky drama/comedy…just the type I like to watch. And I like the posters too. Very simple…and there’s like a glow behind the characters heads… like old paintings of Saints…Or issit just clouds drifting by?


The trailer is out (click here to watch). I think it looks like a pretty cool flick…what do you think?

The Other Boleyn Girl

Ok..this is a rather old picture…but I have just stumbled upon it…and this one actually has Eric Bana as King Henry VIII…view it here.

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Underworld (2003)

For centuries the Vampires and Lycans have been at war and for a long time, it has been believed that the number of Lycans have been dwindling since the death of their leader Lucian…But during a hunt one night, Selene, a beautiful young vampire uncovers that their numbers may not be as weak as they’ve thought. That night too she meets Michael, the Lycans’ target, and would later fall in love with him.

I would never have watched this movie in the theatres or probably even rent it…hmm, I don’t know why …but the movie didn’t really appeal to me…but it was shown on tv recently…and since there was nothing else on…so I watched it…

And I like it…I do. I like the modern dark gothic setting where the creatures of the night lurk, hunting each other, as the war that has been going for centuries, still rages on…unknowing to the humans. I like how the vampires are portrayed as the aristocrats living in a glorious mansion with a strict hierarchy and traditions and the lycans, no more than street thugs having street fights in the gutter…The action sequences too were cool…and the costumes, of course…Kate Beckinsale looks gorgeous as Selene wearing that sleek skin tight PVC corset like costume, but on the whole, I have to say I really like how they chose to dress the vampires…very very sleek and cool.

What more can I say…I like the story, how everything looks…I just enjoyed watching this movie. An entertaining movie you would definitely want to check out.

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Golden Globes…and the winners are…

…the ones in yellow and the ones in aqua were the ones I predicted to win. If its just aqua…it means I actually guessed the winner correctly…I did get it right a few times 🙂

Picture – Drama
The Departed
Little Children
The Queen

Picture – Musical Or Comedy
Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan
The Devil Wears Prada
Little Miss Sunshine
Thank You For Smoking

Animated Film
Happy Feet
Monster House

Actor In A Leading Role – Drama
Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond
Leonardo DiCaprio in The Departed
Peter O’Toole in Venus
Will Smith in The Pursuit Of Happyness
Forest Whitaker in The Last King Of Scotland

Actor In A Leading Role – Musical Or Comedy
Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan
Johnny Depp in Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
Aaron Eckhart in Thank You For Smoking
Chiwetel Ejiofor in Kinky Boots
Will Ferrell in Stranger Than Fiction

Actress In A Leading Role – Drama
Penelope Cruz in Volver
Judi Dench in Notes On A Scandal
Maggie Gyllenhaal in Sherrybaby
Helen Mirren in The Queen
Kate Winslet in Little Children

Actress In A Leading Role – Musical Or Comedy
Annette Bening in Running With Scissors
Toni Collette in Little Miss Sunshine
Beyoncé Knowles in Dreamgirls
Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada
Renée Zellweger in Miss Potter

Actor In A Supporting Role
Ben Affleck in Hollywoodland
Eddie Murphy in Dreamgirls
Jack Nicholson in The Departed
Brad Pitt in Babel
Mark Wahlberg in The Departed

Actress In A Supporting Role
Adriana Barraza in Babel
Cate Blanchett in Notes On A Scandal
Emily Blunt in The Devil Wears Prada
Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls
Rinko Kikuchi in Babel

Clint Eastwood for Flags Of Our Fathers
Clint Eastwood for Letters From Iwo Jima
Stephen Frears for The Queen
Alejandro González Iñárritu for Babel
Martin Scorsese for The Departed

The Departed
Little Children
Notes On A Scandal
The Queen

Original Score
The DaVinci Code
The Fountain

The Painted Veil

Original Song
“A Father’s Way”
From The Pursuit Of Happyness
From Dreamgirls
“Never Gonna Break My Faith”
From Bobby
“The Song Of The Heart”

From Happy Feet
Music and Lyric by Prince
“Try Not To Remember”
From Home Of The Brave

Foreign Film
From The United States Of America
Letters From Iwo Jima
From The United States Of America
The Lives Of Others
From Germany
Pan’s Labyrinth
From Mexico
From Spain

Cecil B. DeMille Award
Warren Beatty

Television Series – Drama
Big Love
Grey’s Anatomy

Television Series – Musical Or Comedy
Desperate Housewives
The Office
Ugly Betty

Mini-Series Or Television Movie
Bleak House
Broken Trail
Elizabeth I
Mrs. Harris
Prime Suspect: The Final Act

Actor In A Leading Role – Drama Series
Patrick Dempsey in Grey’s Anatomy
Michael C. Hall in Dexter
Hugh Laurie in House, M. D.
Bill Paxton in Big Love
Kiefer Sutherland in 24

Actor In A Leading Role – Musical Or Comedy Series
Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock
Zach Braff in Scrubs
Steve Carell in The Office
Jason Lee in My Name Is Earl
Tony Shalhoub in Monk

Actor In A Leading Role – Mini-Series Or Television Movie
André Braugher in Thief
Robert Duvall in Broken Trail
Michael Ealy in Sleeper Cell
Chiwetel Ejiofor in Tsunami: The Aftermath
Ben Kingsley in Mrs. Harris
Bill Nighy in Gideon’s Daughter
Matthew Perry in The Ron Clark Story

Actress In A Leading Role – Drama Series
Patricia Arquette in Medium
Edie Falco in The Sopranos
Evangeline Lilly in Lost
Ellen Pompeo in Grey’s Anatomy
Kyra Sedgwick in The Closer

Actress In A Leading Role – Musical Or Comedy Series

Marcia Cross in Desperate Housewives
America Ferrera in Ugly Betty
Felicity Huffman in Desperate Housewives
Julia Louis-Dreyfus in The New Adventures Of Old Christine
Mary-Louise Parker in Weeds

Actress In A Leading Role – Mini-Series Or Television Movie
Gillian Anderson in Bleak House
Annette Bening in Mrs. Harris
Helen Mirren in Elizabeth I
Helen Mirren in Prime Suspect: The Final Act
Sophie Okonedo in Tsunami: The Aftermath

Actor In A Supporting Role – Series, Mini-Series Or Television Movie
Thomas Haden Church in Broken Trail
Jeremy Irons in Elizabeth I
Justin Kirk in Weeds
Masi Oka in Heroes
Jeremy Piven in Entourage

Actress In A Supporting Role – Series, Mini-Series Or Television Movie
Emily Blunt in Gideon’s Daughter
Toni Collette in Tsunami: The Aftermath
Katherine Heigl in Grey’s Anatomy
Sarah Paulson in Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip
Elizabeth Perkins in Weeds

Seeing that I haven’t watch most of the movies…sadly…I can’t comment much on the winners or losers. But no surpise that Babel won best picture and that two movies on the Queens of England took home several awards.

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Posters Galore

I love posters. A great poster garners interest for the movie. First impressions are everything right? Here are some recent ones.

The Nanny Diaries

I’m looking forward to this movie…but this poster is just so boring… I was expecting a poster where Scarlett Johansson is dragging a bratty kid at central park or to school. Something more colourful.

Becoming Jane

A movie about the life of Jane Austen… I definitely want to see this. Nice posters but do you notice how similar the posters are to the Pride & Prejudice posters? Take a look below and see for yourself.

Maybe Becoming Jane is brought to us by the same people who made Pride and Prejudice?

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