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New Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Pictures

Our favourite trio, Harry Potter and his friends are all on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. I wanna get a copy too. If only they weren’t soo expensive.

Warner Bros. have also released a bunch of new pictures and you can view all of them here. Just have to say I can’t wait for the movie to be released.

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Posters Galore!

I love posters. A great poster garners interest for the movie. First impressions are everything right? Here are some recent ones.

STARDUST: Not sure if thats the official poster…but it does look like a poster doesn’t it. I thought it look nice in its eerie witchy magical type of way. Saw the trailer too. Which yo can view here. I thought it looked ok. Kinda like a mix of Ever After, Brothers Grimm with more of a fantasy feel to it. The stills have also been released and you can view them at the same link. Hope the movie is good.

TRANSFORMERS: Is this the first posters of transformers to be released? I think it is…And I think they look pretty cool. Love the side profiles.

WAITRESS: Oh my what a cute poster. It looks like one of those 1950’s or 1960’s ads. Love the colours too…very cheery. Its been a while since we’ve seen Keri Russell as a lead in anything…this may be her comeback. I’ve seen the trailer…and it looks like the indie type of drama flick…which means it could either be really good or really boring.

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Ella Enchanted (2004)

When Ella was a baby, her fairy godmother gave her the gift of obedience…which means she will do anything anyone will ask her to do…which is pretty nasty. Now all grown up, and sick and tired off being at the mercy of everyone else…especially her wicked stepsisters, Ella embarks on a journey to find her fairy godmother to take back her gift. Along the way she meets giants, ogres, elves and falls in love with a prince.

Most who have read the book are disappointed by this movie…pointing out that it is hardly faithfully….sticking little to the plot…or some sort. Having said that…I have not read the book…so I can only judge the movie as it is…not an adaptation. And I thought the movie was really fun. The characters are all likeable. Ella is smart and headstrong…the type of Cinderella you would root for and Prince Char…is well charming and handsome…just the Prince you’d imagine for Cinderella.

I must admit I was apprehensive at first about watching this movie…It looked like it could be on the crappy side…especially the whole mocking fairy tale thing (very Shrek like)…But despite the weak special effects and costuming…I did find it all rather cute…and wacky too…somehow the movie worked for me. A rather charming and funny modern fairytale. Definitely something the whole family can enjoy.

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Saved! (2004)

Mary attends a christian high school. When she finds out her boyfriend is gay…she trys her best to get him to be straight. Believing that god wants her to save him…she sleeps with him. As it turns out, her first time made her pregnant. In a conservative religious community she is now an out cast.How will she survive?

Funny just the right amount. This movie somehow manages to be funny mocking the hypocrisy and excessiveness of extremely religious people without being overly crude and mean. I also thought Mandy Moore was perfect as Hilary Faye, an awful witch (she’s actually played other witchy roles in American Dreams and the Princess Diaries) trying to force her religion on her classmate—which was a pretty hopeless and hilarious affair. Everyone else was good in this too. There’s even Macaulay Culkin (where has he been) as Hilary Faye’s wheelchair bound brother. Overall…entertaining

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The Door in the Floor (2004)
Tragedy struck the Cole family several years back and they are now living in its wake. Ruth the youngest Cole lives in the shadow of a happier time. One summer, Eddie a high school student is hired to be Ted’s assistant. His arrival will change all of their lives.

The Door in the Floor has the makings of a great drama. A once happy family. Tragedy struc and now they’re drowning in sorrows…throw in an outsider who unknowingly is about to change their lives (Better or worse…you should see it for yourself…)…Unhappy/dysfunctional families make interesting storylines…so I was definitely interested in watching.

Honestly…I wouldn’t say it was great…It was, I’d say ok…good…it kept me watching. One question that I have for this movie…is how did they manage to shoot that scene where Ted was naked and carrying Ruth?…did Jeff Bridges wear some kind of skin coloured underwear? Anyhow on the whole…the story was…well ok…the thing that I pretty much did not like was that I found it slow in the whole revelation of how the two teenage Coles die? Initially I had thought they had died around Ruth’s age since in the beginning we only saw pictures of them as children…but that was not the case. I really don’t think it would have ruined the story if the truth was revealed earlier…At least we would have understood more of Marion’s depression. Oh another question…what is the significance of the title…the door in the floor? Some type of metaphor?…did I miss something?

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Posters Galore
I love posters. A great poster garners interest for the movie. First impressions are everything right? Here are some recent ones.

CAPTIVITY: I know its Elisha Cuthbert in the Poster since it is her movie…but doesn’t it also look like Ashley Simpson? That’s just what I think.

SPIDER-MAN 3: One of the many Spider-man 3 posters to have been released…this one is the latest. And yet another reflection poster…boring…Give us new shots…maybe also of the other characters?

SHREK THE THIRD: Another boring poster. Give us something good.

FANTASTIC 4 RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER: Susan Storm looks kinda weird. Issit the angle? KInda looks like the face is pasted on the the neck. All the others looks fine.

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Slap Her… She’s French (2002)

A popular high school cheerleader, Starla, takes in a french foreign exchange student,Genevieve, into her home and school. Turns out…the initially timid Genevieve is plotting to steal Starla’s popularity and identity.

Typical teen flick. There are some laughs here and there but it wasn’t hilarious or anything. Starla is the dumbest pretty cheerleader you’d probably see and Genevieve…only Starla and her dumb witted friends and family would think she’s actually French. In the end we find that Genevieve used to go to the same school as Starla when they were younger and was trying to get back at her for whatever she did…I can’t really remember…yes the story doesn’t really stick to mind. Watch it only if you have nothing else to watch or just absolutely love teen flicks.

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