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Ok so I was at the bookstore today…browsing movie magazines, and I stumbled upon this small section in a DVD magazine…dedicated to readers collection of DVDs…where readers get to boast the huge collection they have …with pictures and all. And wow…the collection they feature was huge…This guy had like close to 3000 DVD…Wow. And of course he doesn’t have the biggest…Some other guy has like close to 14000 DVDs. Lets do a calculation. How much do I need to get myself 14000 DVD assuming each costs at least $25….14000×25=350000…again Wow.Thats a lot of money. Haha…If only I have that much…my collection is pretty pathetic…not worth mentioning…Then again why would I want 14000 DVDs…other then…to show it off in a magazine…I’d want only the good ones…the ones I actually like…the ones I can watch over and over again…thats maybe like a 1000 at most. 🙂 or maybe a lot less.

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What can I say… I’m disappointed. I loved the first two films. They were great…they were everything that any other comic book superhero movie should strive to be. They had the right amount of drama, romance, action and comedy. If only they had stuck to same recipe of success…instead, they injected way too much action and corny cheesy comedy.

spider1.jpgLet me see what did I love about the first two films…I loved the narration. We actually get Peter’s perspective of what he’s going through and thus he seems much more human than ever before. The villains…with each movie we are introduced to new villains. With only one villain for each movie…each has more screen time…are better developed…and we are further able to understand where they are coming from. And of course with villains…come the next best things…the great special effect and action sequences…I thought the action scenes with Doc Ock were really cool. The movie also had some really good drama…from Peter losing Uncle Ben, Peter struggling with school and work, contemplating not being Spider-Man anymore and the whole drama with Mary Jane. With a small tinge of comedy and romance…both movies were extremely fun and entertaining.

**May Contain Spoilers**

So what did Spider-Man 3 do wrong? (my opinion anyway). Where was the narration…the voice overs? And the villains…there were like 3…thats like villain overload…you kinda wonder how Spider-Man survived after all the numerous attacks…I know he’s a super hero and all…but he’s becoming less and less human in this movie. Plus…I don’t think the villains were as developed as they could have possibly been…I still don’t get where Sandman is coming from… Is he really bad…or good but extremely tormented? Neither did I like the whole drama with the love triangle between Peter,MJ and Gwen Stacy…I absolutely hate how Gwen was introduced…I for one have never read the comics…but I do know that Gwen is suppose to be Peter’s first love or something…and to throw her into the story just for the love triangle plot…I think thats weak. The worst I have to say…is the whole comedic dance routine…that was utterly ridiculous. Was not the least bit funny…quite a pathetic attempt to inject some light comedy into the movie. Oops…and almost forgot…how many times are we going to see MJ being held hostage by the villain…the damsel in distress again…its getting old…spider2.jpg

So… about the only thing I like about this movie was the special effects and action sequences…especially the chase and fight sequences between Spider-man and the Green Goblin and the formation of Sandman. They look really cool…Spider-man was like bouncing of walls …again awesome. And aww…I hate how it ends…with Harry dying..who’s gonna be the Green Goblin now? And who will the alien symbiote cling onto next?…I think we can be sure will see a Spider-Man 4…hopefully a much better storyline

I think my thoughts a pretty much clear. Overall I did not like this Spider-Man movie at all. Want to watch a great comic super hero movie…watch the first two Spider-Man.

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How many films do you watch in a month?

How many? Me ? When I don’t rent… and only depending on the local tv channels…maybe its around 4 or so. But when I’m on my movie marathon streak…and continously renting…I can watch quite a lot. This month only I’ve already watch close to a dozen. Is that a lot? I guess it kinda is, especially when I’m not able to write my mini reviews as fast as I watch. 🙂 I wonder how many other movie buff’s watch in a typical month…care to share?

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Posters Galore

I love posters. A great poster garners interest for the movie. First impressions are everything right? Here are some recent ones.

Fantasic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

The teaser poster has finally been released. Not too bad. Looks cool and all. I still don’t know who this Silver Surfer is…I used to watch the cartoons…but I can’t remember who he is…


Quite a creepy looking poster eh? Is she being buried? It does seem that Elisha Cuthbert is taking a lot of these horror/thriller type of movies….

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Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

Four friends and small time criminals pool their money together to play in a high stakes game. But when they loose, they ended up owing half a million pounds to Hatchet Harry. Pay within one week or start losing their fingers. Where are they going to get the money? Maybe the thin walls will save them??

I didn’t know much about this movie in the first place. It just looked like the typical gangster type of flick…with a lot of guns and violence. I also knew that this was a British film…and when I was checking out the special features…they had a guide to Cockney…I was thinking….not another movie I won’t be able get what they’re saying with their thick accents and slang.

Surprisingly though…I managed to pretty much understand what they were talking about…the slang used wasn’t that bad….ok maybe the subtitles helped me a bit…especially since they fast talk a lot. And Hah…was I wrong about the movie. I mean sure it’s a gangster movie with guns and violence…but ultimately it is a comedy. Even the tagline goes…Disgracing Criminals Everywhere.

And it is a very funny comedy at that… with a lot of dark humour. Almost everything that comes out of Eddie and his friends mouth is bound to draw a few laughs. The plot too is there . Its fast paced with a lot of twist and turns…that makes you want to watch what kind of ridiculous hole everyone is getting themselves into. The shots are stylish, the music is loud and very fitting for such a movie…and the dialogue…very sharp and smart. Overall…an entertaining and funny film. I would have never have thought that I would actually like it…but I do. Recommended.

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X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

The X-Men are back. Jean is alive but has been consumed by her extreme powers and has turn into Dark Phoenix. Unable to control her powers, she is a danger to everyone including herself. At the same time the government releases news that they have found a cure for mutation. Mutants can now choose to loose their powers and become humans…which pretty much angers Magneto…who leads an army to rebel.

I love the X-Men. I’ve actually never read the comics but I’ve always loved the X-men cartoons…and I’m not talking about X-Men Evolution, where they’re all teenagers—I didn’t like that one. So anyway…I like the fact that they’ve added a few more X-Men like Beast, Angel, Colossus and Shadowcat. I mean especially Beast…isn’t he like one of the main X-Men…they should have added him sooner. And I still can’t believe they didn’t have Gambit…I would have love to see him.

**May Contain Spoilers**

Going into to the movie…I pretty much knew what was going to happen. I have only just watch it now…so my friends have already told me the main storylines after they watch it when it came out in the theatres. I was disappointed that they killed Cyclops soo early on…and like that. He is the 2nd in command. Surely he has to have a grander exit. Actually I’m also disappointed that Cyclops had not much a role in all the movies. Everything is focused on Wolverine.

Ok so here we get to see Jean become evil and all. I have to admit…I never really liked it when Jean becomes the Phoenix…and to write that into the movie…that’s a mammoth task…cause you need to explain a whole lot of stuff…like what brought about this change…and then showcase her great power…and that’s incredibly difficult. So the movie tried… I don’t know…everything seems awkward, unfinished …and can something that powerful die with a stab?? How does she die in the comics??…that’s what I’d want to know.

I’ll say it again…I’m glad they added more characters. We get to see Angel…even though he does nothing but fly around. Colossus…yes we do get to see him in action…fight and stuff. And then there’s Shadowcat…I think she’s pretty much the newbie with the most spotlight…and I like her…I’ve always found her a tad annoying in X-Men evolution…but I like her here. The thing is though… she should be with Colossus…cause I thought in the comics they were together…ok so maybe they wanted her to kinda come between Bobby and Rogue so that Rogue would get the cure an everything….than why did they cut the kiss part…cause the kiss would be more of a motive to get a cure rather than seeing them skate around right??? Because…Rogue can’t have any intimate contact or any human contact in fact. And Rogue….oh well we see very little of her…pity.

On the whole…yes the movie is good…its fun its entertaining…just the type you’d want to sit back…eat popcorn and enjoy…Even I enjoyed it even though I don’t really like the whole Phoenix thing. There’s more characters to see…of course you’ll also see some of them die. There’s more action… We get to see Storm twirling around bringing a storm. Shadowcat running through walls. There’s Wolverine and his claws. Bobby…actually turning into Iceman. Magneto moving bridges and Dark Phoenix in all her rage. Also there’s the ending…which kinda suggest that this may not be the end and that the cure is only temporary. I do hope this is not the last one. Please make a new one…with better character development please…because X-Men are all about the interesting characters…Oh and have Gambit.

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Pics and Trailers

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Yep we have 2 new pictures of Harry Potter…you can view the other one here.
Just 7 more months to The Order of the Phoenix

Becoming Jane

The trailer is finally out… it looks ok. I do hope its good. You can check it out here and judge for yourself. Meanwhile, you can also view some of the movie stills that have been released here…it all looks very pretty isn’t it? And some set pics here

King of California

I think this might actually be a good movie…saw the trailer ( click here to view), and I like how it looked…seems like a quirky drama/comedy…just the type I like to watch. And I like the posters too. Very simple…and there’s like a glow behind the characters heads… like old paintings of Saints…Or issit just clouds drifting by?


The trailer is out (click here to watch). I think it looks like a pretty cool flick…what do you think?

The Other Boleyn Girl

Ok..this is a rather old picture…but I have just stumbled upon it…and this one actually has Eric Bana as King Henry VIII…view it here.

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Underworld (2003)

For centuries the Vampires and Lycans have been at war and for a long time, it has been believed that the number of Lycans have been dwindling since the death of their leader Lucian…But during a hunt one night, Selene, a beautiful young vampire uncovers that their numbers may not be as weak as they’ve thought. That night too she meets Michael, the Lycans’ target, and would later fall in love with him.

I would never have watched this movie in the theatres or probably even rent it…hmm, I don’t know why …but the movie didn’t really appeal to me…but it was shown on tv recently…and since there was nothing else on…so I watched it…

And I like it…I do. I like the modern dark gothic setting where the creatures of the night lurk, hunting each other, as the war that has been going for centuries, still rages on…unknowing to the humans. I like how the vampires are portrayed as the aristocrats living in a glorious mansion with a strict hierarchy and traditions and the lycans, no more than street thugs having street fights in the gutter…The action sequences too were cool…and the costumes, of course…Kate Beckinsale looks gorgeous as Selene wearing that sleek skin tight PVC corset like costume, but on the whole, I have to say I really like how they chose to dress the vampires…very very sleek and cool.

What more can I say…I like the story, how everything looks…I just enjoyed watching this movie. An entertaining movie you would definitely want to check out.

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Leon: The Professional (1994)

I managed to catch this on TV a few days ago( I try to watch it whenever its telecast on the local channels)…this is probably the third time I’ve watched it and I still think its brilliant. The first time I watched this movie, I must have been about 11 and even then I knew that this was a great movie. The funny thing though is that I remembered it to be much longer than the 1 and half hour that it really is…but then I found out that US version was shorter than the international one.

Natalie Portman plays Mathilda , an unloved young girl ,often beaten by her parents and sister. When her family is killed by Stansfield, the drug-crazed corrupt cop, she seeks shelter from Leon( Jean Reno), her next door neighbour. Now Leon as it turns out is a hit man, and as soon Mathilda finds this out, she convinces him to teach her the ways so that she can avenge the brutal murder of her brother (the only family member she loved). Reluctantly he agrees.

What makes this movie brilliant is the touching yet intense story of two very interesting well developed characters, great script and stylish action sequences. The actors performances too were superb. Jean Reno was excellent as Leon, the lonesome hit man whose best friend is a plant.Gary Oldman was wicked as Stansfield, the unpredictable, drug crazed psychotic cop who is determined to hunt down Leon and Mathilda. But praise has to be given to Natalie Portman as Mathilda. Seeing that this was her debut role, she did a brilliant job in portraying such a complex character. Mathilda was at first a frightened, vulnerable child and yet was able to turn into a person so determined to seek out revenge that she is capable of killing and Natalie was able to capture it perfectly.

I am not a fan of action movies…but I have to say this is one of the greatest movies out there. I would highly recommend anyone to watch it. So rent this movie the next time you go to the video store!

Mathilda: Is life always this hard, or is it just when you’re a kid?
LĂ©on: Always like this.
Leon: The Professional

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The Giraffe (1998)

I have no idea why this movie is called the Giraffe, nothing of the kind appears. Its other title is Meschugge, I have no idea what that means too. So anyway, the story is of Lena a jewish German who meets David a jewish American on her trip to America, when she finds David’s mother fatally wounded outside her mother’s hotel room. The pair shares an almost immediate attraction. The only problem is that it seems they share a dark family secret that they were not aware of…and that Lena’s mother might have killed David’s mother.

The movie actually starts quite slow and dull…its one of several things made me want to just flip to a different channel. Second, Lena’s big curly hair was extremely annoying…who keeps hair like that anyway. Third, I felt the dubbing was poor…but after half hour or so, the movie begins to pick up its pace and become more interesting, so I continued watching. Oh and another complain, I thought the audio of the movie too wasn’t great. It was inconsistent. Certain times it was just way too soft I could not get anything…thus it was harder for me to understand the whole mystery behind Lena’s and David’s family history. But I did manage to well somewhat get the whole thing…Despite the stuff mentioned,I have to say its quite a good thriller.

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