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Ahhh….the vain and shallow world of the fashion industry. Isn’t it just funny and ridiculous how they run around…pondering over which belt or which shoes will go with some dress…I mean who cares…they all look the same anyway. Or what colours are in this season…what type of tan to get…Or if big sunglasses are still cool. I think thats what I like most about the film…seeing them scurrying around over the smallest things…the behind the scenes look at the fashion industry/magazine were all interesting and funny at the same time. Plus I have to admit…the clothes all look very pretty and of course expensive. I actually like the scenes where we see Andy transforms from this awkward to a fashion forward girl.

prada1.jpgBesides that…I thought Meryl Streep was just devillish as the mean, demanding, determined, ruthless, career obsessed, intimidating boss who expects almost always the impossible. To think that she never even screams her demands all she does is says it softly, slowly and coolly…in an icy cold tone… and poof…everyone runs around in panic mode to get whatever she wants done…You kinda wonder how people can have such a power over other people.

And not to forget,Andy Sachs, played by Anne Hathaway is the protagonist of the film…the character is likeable as it should be … the same though could not be said about her friends…they seem too me a tad annoying. Not at all supportive of her and her career choice…complaining bout the late hours and the boss from hell…shouldn’t the one working the long hours complain more…go figure. I do question one thing though which is central to the plot….how is it ever possible for a girl who have no interest in fashion what so ever to even get a single interview with a fashion magazine? The same goes for Ugly Betty…i guess…logic plays little part.



Overall it was an enjoyable film.Some good acting by Meryl Streep. Pretty funny for the most part( especially the catty sarcastic remarks made by Nigel and Emily)…but I wouldn’t consider it great. Hmm I think I’ll give it 3/5

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Addicted has moved to a new add since July 2007 please go to http://addictedtofilms.blogspot.com

All the new posts are there.



The Golden Compass


View trailer here. Ok…I kinda like the poster. The icy blue shades…kinda makes you think its a Snow Queen movie of some sort…and the huge polar bear reminds of those polar bears in Chronicles of Narnia. The trailer…hmm didn’t really like it…again looks too much like Narnia…from the colours…the effects…even how the animal looks like…Neither can I really get what the movie is about…and from my perspective…it looks all too similar to Narnia. Sure the poster and trailer looks pretty and all…but overall it doesn’t really grab me.

Becoming Jane


View the trailers here and here. Ok I love period/costume dramas. I love the effort trying to keep the language/settings/costumes true to the era. And I’m really looking forward to this. I like the trailers and all. The scenes look pretty…of course it definitely reminds me of Mansfield Park and Pride and Prejudice…I hope its as good.


View the trailer here. The trailer is out…but not the poster…thats weird. Haha…this film looks cute. The trailer starts off like the typical old fashion Disney fairytale with the whole singing thing… suddenly we see the princess being push into the fountain…and drops right into the real world…then she goes around New York looking for a way to get home to her prince…and ta da …she bumps into McDreamy. You know what I’m interested…seems like a fun comedy watch…How will a fairytale princess survive in the real world…

I Know Who Killed Me


View the trailer here. Hmm the blue glowing flower…it does look mysterious…with the blood dripping off it at the bottom…but other than that I don’t get the significance of the flower…what does it suppose to mean? This must be Lindsay Lohan’s first thriller right? The trailer is so so…has the typical trailer of a thriller look. First we meets Aubrey…then she goes missing…and when she’s found…it isn’t really Aubrey…its Dakota…a girl who looks like Aubrey ( Lindsay back to her Parent Trap days playing twins?)…Are they really twins? Different people? Or is the case of a split personality? I’m keen to watch this. I wanna know what happens. If I have to make a guess here…I think its the split personality thing.



View the trailer here. Another poster out. Now we get to see part of their face. The trailer is ok I guess for teenagers. We see some pretty girls wearing some pretty clothes…talking about being BFF (I hate the stupid BFF things)…Then we meet a mean girl who shows them the cliques ( like in Mean Girls isn’t it) at school and wants to seperate them (aww…what a major disaster)…somewhere along they do join the cliques and weren’t BFFs anymore…One day all being stuck at detention…they reunite believing that they should all be themselves and BFFs again…or something like that. Frankly I’m not really interested in this little flick…but I might just watch it…just to see how bad it could be…cause it does look a little crappy. Now I’m wondering when are they going to make a live action movie of Barbie.

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Havoc (2005)

Two rich surburban teenage girls decide to step into the wild side and join an East L.A gang.

I’ve read some pretty bad reviews of this movie…and so wanted to see just how horrible it is. Here’s what I think…It just tries way too hard to shock you…without actually shocking you…Sure you see some drugs…sex…but hardly any real fight…gun shooting…or any of that sort…and even if you see any of it on screen…would it really shock you…I mean these kids wanted…I repeat wanted to join the ‘dangerous’ underworld…nothing would shock you at this point right? It wasn’t as if they were squeaky clean kids being thrust into a dangerous world. Plus you know I’m sure its much harder to infiltrate a gang that whats portrayed.

And the kids…they are some of the most idiotic pathetic obvious fakers you would ever see on screen. I mean seriously…you would probably hate them… Some bored, attention seeking rich white kids trying to act and talk street…how do they even survive in their own school?…I’d like to know that. And the actors…I guess they wanted to act in an ‘edgy’ film…or simply…they needed the money. So overall…I guess I agree with all the other reviews…I did not like this movie.

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Ella Enchanted (2004)

When Ella was a baby, her fairy godmother gave her the gift of obedience…which means she will do anything anyone will ask her to do…which is pretty nasty. Now all grown up, and sick and tired off being at the mercy of everyone else…especially her wicked stepsisters, Ella embarks on a journey to find her fairy godmother to take back her gift. Along the way she meets giants, ogres, elves and falls in love with a prince.

Most who have read the book are disappointed by this movie…pointing out that it is hardly faithfully….sticking little to the plot…or some sort. Having said that…I have not read the book…so I can only judge the movie as it is…not an adaptation. And I thought the movie was really fun. The characters are all likeable. Ella is smart and headstrong…the type of Cinderella you would root for and Prince Char…is well charming and handsome…just the Prince you’d imagine for Cinderella.

I must admit I was apprehensive at first about watching this movie…It looked like it could be on the crappy side…especially the whole mocking fairy tale thing (very Shrek like)…But despite the weak special effects and costuming…I did find it all rather cute…and wacky too…somehow the movie worked for me. A rather charming and funny modern fairytale. Definitely something the whole family can enjoy.

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Pics and Trailers

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Yep we have 2 new pictures of Harry Potter…you can view the other one here.
Just 7 more months to The Order of the Phoenix

Becoming Jane

The trailer is finally out… it looks ok. I do hope its good. You can check it out here and judge for yourself. Meanwhile, you can also view some of the movie stills that have been released here…it all looks very pretty isn’t it? And some set pics here

King of California

I think this might actually be a good movie…saw the trailer ( click here to view), and I like how it looked…seems like a quirky drama/comedy…just the type I like to watch. And I like the posters too. Very simple…and there’s like a glow behind the characters heads… like old paintings of Saints…Or issit just clouds drifting by?


The trailer is out (click here to watch). I think it looks like a pretty cool flick…what do you think?

The Other Boleyn Girl

Ok..this is a rather old picture…but I have just stumbled upon it…and this one actually has Eric Bana as King Henry VIII…view it here.

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Posters Galore

I love posters. A great poster garners interest for the movie. First impressions are everything right? Here are some recent ones.

The Nanny Diaries

I’m looking forward to this movie…but this poster is just so boring… I was expecting a poster where Scarlett Johansson is dragging a bratty kid at central park or to school. Something more colourful.

Becoming Jane

A movie about the life of Jane Austen… I definitely want to see this. Nice posters but do you notice how similar the posters are to the Pride & Prejudice posters? Take a look below and see for yourself.

Maybe Becoming Jane is brought to us by the same people who made Pride and Prejudice?

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