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The Ballad of Jack and Rose (2005)

Jack and Rose live on an island commune…cut off from the ouside world…totally isolated, until developers start building a housing estate…which pretty much angers Jack…who is fiercely trying to protect the land. But Jack is also sick and worries for the well being of his daughter who is extremely devoted to him. Believing that they require the presence of a woman in the house and that she would be able to help Rose in the future…Jack invites his girlfriend and her teenage sons to live with them. But what ensue is chaos as Rose begin to rebel.

I don’t think this film was released in the local theaters…but I’m definitely glad it was released on dvd here and I finally was able to rent it out as I found the plot to be rather interesting. It certainly looked as if it could be quite a good drama.

And guess what…I rather liked it. The story is sad and at times rather disturbing. As you see…Jack’s absolute intent to live in a commune and live the way he wants to live has disastrous effects on his daughter. As a result, Rose is socially inapt and has only known to depend and love only him…and of course when he invites his girlfriend over…you can only imagine how Rose would react…she was absolutely furious and spirals out of control. Trying several times to get rid of Jack’s girlfriend and lose her virginity with one of her sons…yes crazy comes to mind here. But her actions and her mistakes…aren’t they first and foremost Jack’s mistakes for raising her the way that he did. Even the father and daughter’s devotion towards each other is questionable. Well I shouldn’t give too much of the story away… right? A pretty good drama overall…definitely worth the watch. Good performance all round too especially Daniel Day Lewis as Jack the aging hippie and Camille Belle as Rose the daughter gone wild.

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