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Havoc (2005)

Two rich surburban teenage girls decide to step into the wild side and join an East L.A gang.

I’ve read some pretty bad reviews of this movie…and so wanted to see just how horrible it is. Here’s what I think…It just tries way too hard to shock you…without actually shocking you…Sure you see some drugs…sex…but hardly any real fight…gun shooting…or any of that sort…and even if you see any of it on screen…would it really shock you…I mean these kids wanted…I repeat wanted to join the ‘dangerous’ underworld…nothing would shock you at this point right? It wasn’t as if they were squeaky clean kids being thrust into a dangerous world. Plus you know I’m sure its much harder to infiltrate a gang that whats portrayed.

And the kids…they are some of the most idiotic pathetic obvious fakers you would ever see on screen. I mean seriously…you would probably hate them… Some bored, attention seeking rich white kids trying to act and talk street…how do they even survive in their own school?…I’d like to know that. And the actors…I guess they wanted to act in an ‘edgy’ film…or simply…they needed the money. So overall…I guess I agree with all the other reviews…I did not like this movie.

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The Door in the Floor (2004)
Tragedy struck the Cole family several years back and they are now living in its wake. Ruth the youngest Cole lives in the shadow of a happier time. One summer, Eddie a high school student is hired to be Ted’s assistant. His arrival will change all of their lives.

The Door in the Floor has the makings of a great drama. A once happy family. Tragedy struc and now they’re drowning in sorrows…throw in an outsider who unknowingly is about to change their lives (Better or worse…you should see it for yourself…)…Unhappy/dysfunctional families make interesting storylines…so I was definitely interested in watching.

Honestly…I wouldn’t say it was great…It was, I’d say ok…good…it kept me watching. One question that I have for this movie…is how did they manage to shoot that scene where Ted was naked and carrying Ruth?…did Jeff Bridges wear some kind of skin coloured underwear? Anyhow on the whole…the story was…well ok…the thing that I pretty much did not like was that I found it slow in the whole revelation of how the two teenage Coles die? Initially I had thought they had died around Ruth’s age since in the beginning we only saw pictures of them as children…but that was not the case. I really don’t think it would have ruined the story if the truth was revealed earlier…At least we would have understood more of Marion’s depression. Oh another question…what is the significance of the title…the door in the floor? Some type of metaphor?…did I miss something?

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