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Lovewrecked (2005)

Amanda Bynes plays Jenny a girl crazy in love with her rock star idol. So when she happens to fall overboard with her idol when on a cruise…and gets marooned on a seemingly deserted island….she hides the fact that they were still on the resort island…just to spend more time with him.

Amanda Bynes plays the typical character she usually plays. The talkative, goofy girl but also incredibly book smart. Here shes actually going to study medcine in college…while in What I Like About You she almost got into Columbia…I mean seriously its getting old…why can’t she play a normal girl…stuck working at the local supermarket with no future ahead and still be goofy. All her characters are carbon copies.

Anyway back to the movie…its ok…not much to say really…the usual teen flick kinda stuff…fun cute and cheery. There were a few funny moments…nothing that stands out though. I bet you can probably guess the ending right now…all happy of course. Would only recommend this if one…you absolutely love teen flicks and two…love Amanda Bynes…otherwise skip this one.

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