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click.jpgAdam Sandler plays Michael an architect who has a lovely little family. Trouble is he’s a workaholic and has difficulty making time for his family. One night while shopping for a remote control he finds The universal control remote with which he can control time and the events of his life. He can pause, play, fast forward, rewind and even do everything in slow motion which does lead to several comical incidents.

Now you might think this is those laugh out loud comedy…as the trailer might have you believe with it showing pretty much only the comedic scenes…Sure the first hour or so was pretty funny…when Michael still found the remote controller a novelty…something to mute the dog with, recall certain events he’s forgotten, hitting his boss’s face and even fast forwarding being sick…now we all wish that too right. Soon Michael realises there were  consequences for over using the remote controller. That’s when all the drama and seriousness kicks in…and then it wasn’t fun anymore…actually it was rather depressing…especially click2.jpgfor a movie that market itself as a comedy. I mean basically we were watching a man who was helplessly losing his family at such an alarming rate…and all he was trying to do in the beginning was to make time for everyone he loved.

Anyway…overall I rather like it. It was funny and serious at the same time…definitely not what I expected it to it.

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