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American Dreamz (2006)

American Dreamz is basically a satire on American popculture. It pokes fun at all the talent shows, reality shows and of course mainly the phenomenan that is American Idol. We have Martin Tweed (Hugh Grant) the host of the most popular show in the world…American Dreamz…I’m sure he’s modelled after Simon Cowell. Then there are the contestants… Sally Kendoo (Mandy Moore)…the conniving little witch, who does everything she can do to get what she wants. And Omar the clueless Arab who is thrust into the show when he was initially mistaken for his cousin. Thrown into the storyline is also President Staton (Dennis Quaid) who has won a second term in the office and seem to be having a nervous breakdown.
I had expected this movie to be extremely funny…And well I did find it funny…but not as much as I hoped. I mean this movie had a lot of potential. They could have poked around more with the whole American Idol thing. There are the judges…the crazy fan support…the contestants…and so on. But they just had to stretch themselves with the politics and terrorism side plot. Don’t get me wrong though…this is a rather entertaining movie…just that it could have been a lot better. I’ll give it 3/5.

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Yours, Mine and Ours (2005)

Admiral Frank Beardsley runs the Coast Guard Academy. He is also a widower with eight children and runs his family like the academy. Helen North on the other hand is a free spirited bag designer with ten children…most of them adopted. During a high school reunion, Frank and Helen, who as it turns out were high school sweethearts, are reunited and almost immediately fall in love all over again. Soon they are married. How do you bring together two families with a total of 18 kids to live together under one roof. Will it be chaos?

Yours, Mine and Ours is actually a remake of the original 1968 version starring Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda as the two leads. I have actually watched the original movie and really really like it. It was a fun and funny family film. I loved seeing how things worked in the 60’s…and how they dressed too. And with 18 kids…it was fun seeing how the family get through the typical family stuff like preparing breakfast and getting ready for school/work…Then there was the scene where they were buying groceries…how many loaves of bread did they buy???

Anyway…so I was kinda apprehensive when I heard that they were making a remake…most remakes a couple steps down from the original. Any how…I still decided to watch this one…just to see how bad it could be…And surprisingly…I didn’t find it horribly bad. I actually enjoyed watching it. I mean seriously I thought it was much much better than the Cheaper by the Dozen remakes…I found them annoying…ok maybe…that’s attributed to Hilary Duff’s character’s constant whining…actually all the children were whiny. And I also found Yours, Mine and Ours to have less cringe worthy scenes…compared to Cheaper by the Dozen.

But don’t be mistaken…this movie does have several flaws…or more like stuff that I didn’t like. I’d much prefer if they stick more to the original storyline…where…Helen North was not a free spirited hippie type…who loves mess and adopted a bunch of kids. And I have no idea…why today’s made for family flick loves mess…there was the eating breakfast mess…the painting mess…oh and the shopping mess…where the twins got on the lifting machine…I mean seriously those scenes were not funny…I can’t remember the original having any of that stuff…and of course we all know…the original was much better…Maybe its time people stick to the old formula?

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