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Hard Candy (2005)

Hayley, a 14 year old girl has been chatting with Jeff, a 32 year old fashion photographer for a while now. One day they finally decide to meet at a coffee shop. After having a really good first meeting, Hayley invites herself over to his house to innocently listen and borrow some cds. Will she become the victim to this paedophile?

**May Contain Spoilers**

I finally finally rented this movie. Heard soo much about it…plus it was a rather well received movie right. I wasn’t disappointed. This is a great movie. Riveting stuff. Intense. I loved how the cameras moved from one doorway, past the walls and then we finally get to see what actually happens…who won the struggle. As you might have already known…Hayley isn’t the victim, or even prey, if you might call it, in fact she planned, orchestrated everything. And she was brilliantly played by Ellen Page (I’m sure we’ll see more of her). When we first meet Hayley she looked like the typical, chirpy and naïve teenager. But of course she’s smart, mature beyond her years (actually…come to think of it….she might not even be 14…remember Alison Lohman’s character in Matchstick Men?) and absolutely determined to seek out revenge. Patrick Wilson on the other hand plays Jeff, the unsuspecting prey, a man living in denial of what he really is…and did the role just as well…
So basically this is a terrific film… The plot is engaging…with the whole role reversal thing…and nothing is ever as it is…you’d never guess how everything actually ends. The script is good ( of course it has to right? With mainly only two characters…you have to have a great script to keep people watching right?) The shots as I mentioned keeps up with all the suspense. Hence this is a movie I would definitely recommend to watch. So go Watch.

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X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

The X-Men are back. Jean is alive but has been consumed by her extreme powers and has turn into Dark Phoenix. Unable to control her powers, she is a danger to everyone including herself. At the same time the government releases news that they have found a cure for mutation. Mutants can now choose to loose their powers and become humans…which pretty much angers Magneto…who leads an army to rebel.

I love the X-Men. I’ve actually never read the comics but I’ve always loved the X-men cartoons…and I’m not talking about X-Men Evolution, where they’re all teenagers—I didn’t like that one. So anyway…I like the fact that they’ve added a few more X-Men like Beast, Angel, Colossus and Shadowcat. I mean especially Beast…isn’t he like one of the main X-Men…they should have added him sooner. And I still can’t believe they didn’t have Gambit…I would have love to see him.

**May Contain Spoilers**

Going into to the movie…I pretty much knew what was going to happen. I have only just watch it now…so my friends have already told me the main storylines after they watch it when it came out in the theatres. I was disappointed that they killed Cyclops soo early on…and like that. He is the 2nd in command. Surely he has to have a grander exit. Actually I’m also disappointed that Cyclops had not much a role in all the movies. Everything is focused on Wolverine.

Ok so here we get to see Jean become evil and all. I have to admit…I never really liked it when Jean becomes the Phoenix…and to write that into the movie…that’s a mammoth task…cause you need to explain a whole lot of stuff…like what brought about this change…and then showcase her great power…and that’s incredibly difficult. So the movie tried… I don’t know…everything seems awkward, unfinished …and can something that powerful die with a stab?? How does she die in the comics??…that’s what I’d want to know.

I’ll say it again…I’m glad they added more characters. We get to see Angel…even though he does nothing but fly around. Colossus…yes we do get to see him in action…fight and stuff. And then there’s Shadowcat…I think she’s pretty much the newbie with the most spotlight…and I like her…I’ve always found her a tad annoying in X-Men evolution…but I like her here. The thing is though… she should be with Colossus…cause I thought in the comics they were together…ok so maybe they wanted her to kinda come between Bobby and Rogue so that Rogue would get the cure an everything….than why did they cut the kiss part…cause the kiss would be more of a motive to get a cure rather than seeing them skate around right??? Because…Rogue can’t have any intimate contact or any human contact in fact. And Rogue….oh well we see very little of her…pity.

On the whole…yes the movie is good…its fun its entertaining…just the type you’d want to sit back…eat popcorn and enjoy…Even I enjoyed it even though I don’t really like the whole Phoenix thing. There’s more characters to see…of course you’ll also see some of them die. There’s more action… We get to see Storm twirling around bringing a storm. Shadowcat running through walls. There’s Wolverine and his claws. Bobby…actually turning into Iceman. Magneto moving bridges and Dark Phoenix in all her rage. Also there’s the ending…which kinda suggest that this may not be the end and that the cure is only temporary. I do hope this is not the last one. Please make a new one…with better character development please…because X-Men are all about the interesting characters…Oh and have Gambit.

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