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P.S. (2004)

P.S. is about basically about Louise who works at Admissions for Columbia. She is a lonely 39 year old woman whose only friends are her ex-husband and her long time best friend who lives in another town. One day she gets an application from a certain F. Scott Fienstadt …the same name as her high school love who died very young. Curious as to who he is, she sets up an interview. Shockingly…she found that not only does he share the same name…they are pretty much alike in character…using the same quotes…even her best friend agrees…Could he be an incarnation…maybe a relative? And seeing also how much alike he is…she could hardly resist him and they soon begin an affair.

**May Contain Spoilers**

Another movie that I’ve heard close to nothing about. Rented it cause I thought the story seemed interesting…a tad like Birth right?? But that movie wasn’t really that good…P.S was actually quite good…wasn’t as freaky as seeing a grown woman going into a bathtub with a child. Here Louise is 39 and F Scott is at least 20…hardly a child…now it kinda sounds like The Graduate right?…Only that its not. Through out the film I did find myself wondering who is this F Scott…of course he couldn’t be Louise late lover…as she some how believes…In the end…it was a simple coincidence…which I thought was the best way to end it.

Keeping this short. The movie was worth the watch. The story is there. The acting was rather good. Laura Linney as the lonely woman living a rather unfulfilled life and Topher Grace playing the usual smart alec role. I say watch this instead of Birth.

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