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Princess and the Warrior (2000)

Or Krieger und die Kaiserin, Der , its original German title. I wonder if its a direct translation?…Franka Potente plays Sissi a rather isolated young woman whose life seems to revolve around her work as a nurse at Birkenhof asylum. One day as she was crossing the road in town with a patient, she was hit by a huge truck. Miraculously she survived the hit but lies underneathe it unable to move and choking. And along came Bodo who hides beneathe the truck to loose the people who were chasing him…and so he became the one to save her, fittingly of course since he was the who had cause the accident…unknowingly. Later when Sissi has fully recovered from her injuries, she is determine to find Bodo…and ultimately does. Bodo doesn’t seem to take it too well…He has his owns problems. His wife had recently died and it seems is drowning in grief or issit guilt? He even sleepwalks and would end up more than once I’m guessing hugging,what looks like to me, the heater. Basically he doesn’t need anyone right now and rejects her.

The main theme of the movie as you would’ve guess it is fate and destiny. In some ways you’d see that Bodo is meant to cause the accident, so that he can meet and save Sissi… so that Sissi can help him move on with his life. And so that Bodo in turn saves her from her isolation. In other words they save each other. I won’t go further with the details because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.In the end it is a love story…but I hope you’re not turned off by that…because its not your usual type of love story. Visually it was pretty. The story is unusual, different, sad, but great. The acting too was good. I’m not sure how else to describe it. So just watch it. Its really good. I thought it was good. So yes, go watch it.

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