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With the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in the cinemas, Singapore Post has actually released the Harry Potter stamp collection.

The Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 2 stamp sheet costs S$12


The complete box set of Harry Potter Stamp collection- featuring all 5 movies costs S$60 (includes an extra special edition sheet)

Click here to check out the details and you can even order them online from vpost.

I couldn’t resist buying and actually bought the box set. They’re cool and everything…each movie comes in its own booklet…but I do wished the actual stamps were of Harry Potter rather than it only being the decorative part. I took pictures of the box set, so you can see them…not really that good though…still haven’t mastered the use of my digital camera…so anyway… enjoy.

The Box Setpotter11.jpgSorcerer’s Stone book with stampsSorcerer's Stone stampsChamber of Secrets bookChamber of Secrets book with stampsChamber of Secrets stampsPrisoner bookPrisoner book with stampsPrisoner stampsgoblet bookgoblet book with stampsgoblet stampsphoenix bookphoenix book with stampsphoenix stampsSpecial Edition Sheet

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