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Ok so I was at the bookstore today…browsing movie magazines, and I stumbled upon this small section in a DVD magazine…dedicated to readers collection of DVDs…where readers get to boast the huge collection they have …with pictures and all. And wow…the collection they feature was huge…This guy had like close to 3000 DVD…Wow. And of course he doesn’t have the biggest…Some other guy has like close to 14000 DVDs. Lets do a calculation. How much do I need to get myself 14000 DVD assuming each costs at least $25….14000×25=350000…again Wow.Thats a lot of money. Haha…If only I have that much…my collection is pretty pathetic…not worth mentioning…Then again why would I want 14000 DVDs…other then…to show it off in a magazine…I’d want only the good ones…the ones I actually like…the ones I can watch over and over again…thats maybe like a 1000 at most. 🙂 or maybe a lot less.

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The Lost Boys (1987)

Two brothers move to a coast town in California. The older one is seduced into joining a teenage vampire gang and its up to his younger brother and his ‘vampire hunter’ friends to save him.

I’m disappointed. This has been said to have been one of the best vampire films…a cult classic…I expected it to be explosive…totally wicked…But nope…I didn’t find it great. Ok maybe you have to be there in the 80’s to actually fully appreciate this movie. Sorry but I cannot get past the bad make up…the weak special effects…and the frog brothers…just don’t like the comedy there.

The only wicked thing in this film was Kiefer Sutherland as David, the head of the Lost Boys. I mean he was rebellious, rude, dangerous, rode a motorcycle…he was the ultimate bad boy. On the whole yes…it was entertaining and I say if you like 80’s flick you’d might want to check this one out.

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Population 436

Working for the Census Bureau, Steve Kady is sent to Rockwell Falls…where the population has always been 436 since1860. Trouble for Steve is he is about to discover the town’s deep dark secret…Will he be able to get out of there alive or forced to ba a part of the population?

I actually saw the movie’s ad on demand tv…and thought that it looks like an interesting film…been a while since I’ve seen a good mystery/horror thriller…so I rented it. Have to say that although it is prdeictable( I mean how else does the population remain the same right?) it is a pretty decent flick…considering it did went straight to video right? The story kinda reminds me of the Wicker Man with the whole outsider investigating an isolated town…to the discovering of the strange rituals and traditions the town has. Also it has that Twilight Zone and Stephen King movie kind of look. So I say if you like the Wicker Man, Twilight Zone and Stephen King flicks…I’m sure you’d be interested to check this one out.

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Dorm (2006)

I had expected this to be really good…and that I would really really like it. Not sure where I really got this idea…One. it may have been because I think it has done quite well in the local box office…and two, which is the more possible reason…is the storyline. The basic storyline, which you can read for yourself here, is some what similar to the Devil’s Backbone, which I loved. Both have boys being sent to a school/home. Both boys have trouble fitting in their new environment initially. Both have an encounter with a ghost. And the ghost, both are spirits of a dead student.

Well I guess that is as far as the similarities went…because Dorm pales in comparison (at least that’s what I think) to the Devil’s Backbone. The Devil’s Backbone was a sad haunting tale about lost innocence and so on…and well…Dorm was not. Don’t get me wrong…Dorm did start quite well. And then you start noticing the main character’s hair contuinity problem…and you can’t stop thinking…are they really serious???!! This is sloppy work. Can’t they give the actor a wig or something, at least try to make it less obvious???? I mean I know…its the reshooting thing…but still thats not an excuse…lots of film does reshoots….

Second…there’s the how the ghost became a ghost thing…it is utterly ridiculous…it was an accident…so no one is at fault? Ok here’s the thing…since forever people have come to believe that its those who have horrible untimely end that become ghosts…this one does not really fit into the typical picture. I mean seriously…when I saw it…I thought that was how he died…Just a ridiculously stupid stupid prank to get more attention?

Third…It kinda all ends too nicely…the main character helps the ghost…made some friends…patch things up with his father…all nicely wrapped with a pretty bow on top…doesn’t really suit the genre right?There is though one scene that I really like… its the one during their movie night…its like the Bruce Willis character finally realising he is a ghost scene…It was good…with a right touch of comedy.

Ok…maybe I’m being unfair with all my comparisons…but I can’t help it. Overall…it is an ok film…I would give it 3/5…could have been better. And if you like the genre…I do think you should check this out. And hey…maybe like Shutter, you might even see an American remake of it soon.

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Daniel Radcliffe confirms Harry Potter. Joshua Jackson in Shutter

Daniel Radcliffe has finally confirmed that he will appear in the last two Harry Potter films which are the Half Blood Prince and the Deathly Hallows and will start filming Half Blood Prince in September. Good. Now we know we won’t have to see someone new playing Harry. Here’s hoping the whole Emma Watson…Hermione thing gets settled real quick. No one wants to see a new Hermione for the rest of the films.

Go to DanRadcliffe.co.uk to read more.

Joshua Jackson has joined the cast of Shutter and filming begins mid March. If you haven’t heard of Shutter…well its a remake of a Thai film of the same name. I’ve actually watched the original and really like it. Found it very sad. I do hope the remake stays true to the original storyline. I have no idea why thay have to shoot it in Tokyo though (I know its supposed to be the honeymoon and all) because frankly…location is not key to the storyline…If they’re going to make an American remake..just set it in America…

Read more here.


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Posters Galore

I love posters. A great poster garners interest for the movie. First impressions are everything right? Here are some recent ones.

Fantasic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

The teaser poster has finally been released. Not too bad. Looks cool and all. I still don’t know who this Silver Surfer is…I used to watch the cartoons…but I can’t remember who he is…


Quite a creepy looking poster eh? Is she being buried? It does seem that Elisha Cuthbert is taking a lot of these horror/thriller type of movies….

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When a Stranger Calls

I remember reading a review on this, where the reviewer had said that it should instead be titled When a Stranger Calls and Calls and Calls…and I couldn’t agree more. We don’t really get to see any actual action until the last 20 minutes of the movie…and even then, its not really much and we are only given glimpses of the crazed stranger…most of the time its just his dark silhouette that makes an appearance. For horror/thriller genre, with a crazed killer on the loose…this movie isn’t scarry.

But I tell you what’s scary though…it’s the house. A house that is soo huge and isolated, far from any type of help, should any unfortunate thing happen…now that’s scarry. We don’t even need psycho on the loose. Can you imagine if the inhabitants died…no one would have a clue. And the whole automatic light thing…that was scarry too. I think it would be freaky seeing a light switch on across the room by itself…and to think that it was only the cat that walked in…

After watching this movie…I wonder how the orignal 1979 version is like? Issit better than this? Anyway if you’re looking for a horror/thriller to watch…I say pick another title. Maybe Scream or Final Destination.

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