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Ice Age was one of the few animations that I actually enjoyed watching and found it extremely funny. So naturally I was keen to watch the second one when it came out and finally rented it recently. Our favourite prehistoric trio are back…and have accepted and comfortable with the idea of being friends. Manny seems to be facing extinction. Diego has to face his fear off water…especially with all the ice melting…and Sid…well he is being his usual zany self. Of course Scrat the ever positive squirrel is back. How could they ever leave him out…his scenes are probably one of the funniest…him battling all odds to once again save his precious acorn. With a new movie comes new characters. There’s the two crazy possums and their adopted sister…Ellie…a mammoth who thinks she’s a possum and does whatever her possum brothers do…silly yes…she too becomes Manny’s love interest..which is inevitable….since we know they have to mate and all to prevent extinction. And Ellie has got to be the character I least like from the bunch…she just seems …to me at least…loud,irritating…and well not likable.

I have to say though…I much much prefer the first Ice Age. I felt that, that has a better story and much much funnier. The first one seems too, to have more memorable scenes…remember the wacky dodo birds and their watermelon…and the baby that the gang found…This one well…half way through…I kinda lost interest in the story…seems like they’re just walking and walking… there’s just less funny and memorable scenes here…though there were the scenes with the crazy sloth cult group…that was rather funny. Overall…yes its still an enjoyable film…just that I like the first one more 🙂

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