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Havoc (2005)

Two rich surburban teenage girls decide to step into the wild side and join an East L.A gang.

I’ve read some pretty bad reviews of this movie…and so wanted to see just how horrible it is. Here’s what I think…It just tries way too hard to shock you…without actually shocking you…Sure you see some drugs…sex…but hardly any real fight…gun shooting…or any of that sort…and even if you see any of it on screen…would it really shock you…I mean these kids wanted…I repeat wanted to join the ‘dangerous’ underworld…nothing would shock you at this point right? It wasn’t as if they were squeaky clean kids being thrust into a dangerous world. Plus you know I’m sure its much harder to infiltrate a gang that whats portrayed.

And the kids…they are some of the most idiotic pathetic obvious fakers you would ever see on screen. I mean seriously…you would probably hate them… Some bored, attention seeking rich white kids trying to act and talk street…how do they even survive in their own school?…I’d like to know that. And the actors…I guess they wanted to act in an ‘edgy’ film…or simply…they needed the money. So overall…I guess I agree with all the other reviews…I did not like this movie.

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Brick (2005)

Brendan Frye (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a highly intelligent loner. When his ex-girlfriend, the one he loves, disappears and is found dead, he goes all out to find the truth behind her death and enlists the help of his only friend Brain. The investigation soon becomes dangerous and he finds himself involve in the world of rich girl Laura, school jock Brad, theatre temptress Kara, hot-headed Tugger and the Pin, leader of the high school drug ring…who actually is no longer a student at their high school. So what actually happened? Who killed Emily? Will Brendan be able to uncover the truth without getting himself killed?

I’ll try to keep this one as short as possible. This is an interesting movie to say the least with the whole film noir thing going on…and I for one don’t even know much about film noir. But the shots are stylish. The dialogue is sharp, slick and smart…and delivered very fast…I would probably be lost if it were not for subtitles. The plot is rather complex and difficult to follow…especially if you don’t get all the slang. It’s easy to get lost especially with all the twist and turns. For me though, I had to keep watching to see what happens next. Hence if you’re patient and read the subtitles (haha..like I do) and watch it till the very end, the story does come together and everything makes sense. Overall it is something new and different (because I don’t really watch film noir…in fact maybe this is my first) and I did found it entertaining.

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