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A struggling actress gets brutally killed and the cops are scrambling to solve the murder…film noir style of course.

What is film noir? That is the question… I went to wikipedia and searched for it. So its basically a stylish crime drama that’s usually visually black and white or using dark tones. Usually between 1940’s-1950’s. And of course they usually have the narration thing. A grim brooding mysterious voice. “ It was a dark wet night. We were waiting outside the suspects when…”Haha…that’s how they usually start of right? Anyway I didn’t read the whole wikipedia article…just too long…I’m not a film student.


I’m not really sure what I think of the film. It was interesting to say the least…seeing that I’m not familiar with the whole film noir genre…this is only the second film of the genre that I’ve seen. The first being Brick…but Brick one could say was a modern take…an adaptation of the classic film noir…where the setting is a high school…and I thought Brick was cool…smart and slick. Way way different from anything I’ve ever seen. I didn’t think the same way about the Black Dahlia.

The Black Dahlia was dark, grim, long and dreary. Things just seemed overly dramatic and sensual (was this supposed to be so?) I was also under the impression that the movie would be more on the case…the mystery of her death…but it took a turn and instead focused on how the case consumed a pair of detectives and a girlfriend (ok again…maybe this was the case in the book which the movie was based on). In the end…I was rather lost…couldn’t keep up with all the plots…I guess maybe film noir isn’t the genre for me. But I would definitely choose Brick over this.

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