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Two childhood friends are recruited to become suicide bombers and we see their moral and political struggle with the decision to carry on with the mission.

paradise2.jpgWow…just wow…the whole Israel-Palestine conflict is soo controversial and touchy…but somehow this film manages not to be one sided, bias or making a statement or stand…It is in its heart the movie is about two friends who have been recruited as suicide bombers while shedding some light on the plight of the Palestinians. We meet them. We see them as human beings in their ordinariness. We see their lives. We meet their family. We see their poverty. We see them being recruited. We see them contemplate on whether to follow through with the mission. We see them reason with themselves to justify the actions they are going to make. We see the chief operator assuring them that they are doing the right thing promising paradise. We see the amount of calculated planning that needs to be taken with such a mission We see themparadise1.jpg prepare…ritual like before they go about with their mission…comes complete with a last supper scene…And then things go wrong, terribly wrong…And the end is nothing you would have imagined in the beginning. I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone…

Great story, great acting, great movie. Interesting, insightful, powerful, thought provoking and an extremely intense drama…definitely worth seeing. Loved how a movie about suicide bombers never really had any huge explosions…and yet still it remains frightening from the point of introduction to the point of execution.And the poster…I really like it too…Two men…facing the sky…looking at the heavens…and at the top the fitting title…Paradise Now. Almost a demand eh…

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