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2006 List: The Not-So-Great Posters

I’m sure there are tons of not-so-great posters out there. These are my pick.

The Prestige It don’t like that spiral thing. It was quite a while before I realise it was the Prestige poster Just My Luck Lindsay’s face look like its awkwardly pasted on the body Happily N’Ever After Animation posters usually are pretty dull. This one is not the least bit interesting Aurora Borealis Is this a poster for a tv movie? Because it sure does look like it Marie Antoinette This poster is just weird looking Ghost Rider Its just boring. Going by that…I think the movie is foing to be a flop Shrek 3 Just way too much stuff going on

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2006 List

As 2007 approaches several people have compiled their own movie related list, the most recent I saw was a top 5 posters posted by a blogger. So thought I’d start my own too.

Great Posters

They are in no particular order. I’m sure there a lot of great looking posters out there…these are just my pick.

Runing With Scissors Simple but good American Dreamz Like the dramatic singing Statue of Liberty with red stockings The Good German So 40’s Casablanca like The Simpsons Movie Of course…Homer and his doughnut…Perfect Hard Candy Love the little red riding hood as a trap V for Vendetta All its posters are great Penelope No idea whats the movie is about, but the poster is simple and pretty Thank You For Smoking A sign.Simply clever Marie Antoinette Very pretty…love the title’s fonts Breaking and Entering Again no idea what this movie is about…really like its simplicity.The close ups reminds me of the Closer poster Spiderman 3 All its posters are pretty awesome…Death of a President Looks so much like a still of a real life event Eragon Simple, great looking dragon.

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Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette the story of the Austrian girl who by the age of 19 became France’s Queen.

I love watching period dramas…partly because I love their beautiful period costumes. Marie Antoinette is one of the latest period dramas coming out in October….I’m not sure when it will be released in Singapore though…maybe several weeks later…I hope it does get released here.

Sofia Coppola who directed the Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation directs Marie Antoinette. I love the Virgin Suicides, it’s a beautiful and a hauntingly narrated tale of five sisters…Lost in translation on the other hand…I can’t quite understand. Well any way back to this one, it clearly seems from the posters and the trailer, the movie will be a rather modernized telling of Marie Antoinette’s story. That would be interesting…I hope it works. I must say, I like the trailers, the movie seems colourful and well…pretty…. so does the posters don’t you think? And the costumes are gorgeous too. Kirsten Dunst even graced the cover of Vogue as Marie Antoinette in September’s issue.

This is one movie I’m looking forward to.

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