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Just My Luck (2006)

Lindsay Lohan plays Ashley, the luckiest woman on earth. She’s young, has a great career, gets a taxi whenever she wants and the sun always shine when she’s out. But it all changes when she kisses a stranger at a costume party. He is the unluckiest man on earth and they somehow change their luck.

I read or heard somewhere that this was suppose to be Lindsay’s first venture into more adult roles…the character Ashley is about 23…but I didn’t really think it worked. She was hardly believable as a 23 year old….and a career woman??…No no…she still looked like as if she’s in high school. I’m not sure who’s to blame…her for not being able to play the role?…but then again it may have been written that way. The story and the script are pretty weak. Everything is just soo cheesy (Don’t you think it also has horrible posters?). And I can’t believe they actually have McFly in it…didn’t know until I watch the movie…obviously desperately trying to break into the American market. I think you can always tell that a movie is going to be bad once you see a pop band weaved into it as a back story.

Basically yes it was quite bad. Not something I would watch again. Its a movie for those who love teen flicks, romantic comedies or anyone below the age of 12.

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