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John Tucker Must Die (2006)

A couple of high school girls decide to get back at the school jock for three timing them by using the new girl as bait.

First I have to say I actually like the movie’s poster. And with a title like that…I never knew it was a teen flick ( before it was actually released of course)…I actually thought it was something like Kill Bill…only more cheeky. It was only after checking it on IMDB did I find it was a teen flick. And even the trailer looks pretty good. So yes I was interested to see how the actual film was going to turn out.

Seeing that this is a teen flick, my expectations weren’t very high…thus I didn’t find the movie quite bad. It was cute, fun, flirty and cheeky…and there were even a few laughs here and there. The storyline…it has been said.. does borrow some elements from mean girls…the sabotaging the popular student…etc..but come on its a teen flick…you can hardly expect it to be original. And sure this flick has its cheesy moments…typical predictable plot (new girl transform into popular girl)…and corny dialogue…but overall I still enjoyed it…still found it entertaining…wait…you know what…the ending wasn’t all that predictable. I guess the trick is to leave all expectations at the door.
I did though find the cast to be too old to play the characters they’re playing…especially Ashanti and Jesse Metcalfe…just because you’re good looking does not mean you look young enough to play a 17 year old.

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