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Ahhh….the vain and shallow world of the fashion industry. Isn’t it just funny and ridiculous how they run around…pondering over which belt or which shoes will go with some dress…I mean who cares…they all look the same anyway. Or what colours are in this season…what type of tan to get…Or if big sunglasses are still cool. I think thats what I like most about the film…seeing them scurrying around over the smallest things…the behind the scenes look at the fashion industry/magazine were all interesting and funny at the same time. Plus I have to admit…the clothes all look very pretty and of course expensive. I actually like the scenes where we see Andy transforms from this awkward to a fashion forward girl.

prada1.jpgBesides that…I thought Meryl Streep was just devillish as the mean, demanding, determined, ruthless, career obsessed, intimidating boss who expects almost always the impossible. To think that she never even screams her demands all she does is says it softly, slowly and coolly…in an icy cold tone… and poof…everyone runs around in panic mode to get whatever she wants done…You kinda wonder how people can have such a power over other people.

And not to forget,Andy Sachs, played by Anne Hathaway is the protagonist of the film…the character is likeable as it should be … the same though could not be said about her friends…they seem too me a tad annoying. Not at all supportive of her and her career choice…complaining bout the late hours and the boss from hell…shouldn’t the one working the long hours complain more…go figure. I do question one thing though which is central to the plot….how is it ever possible for a girl who have no interest in fashion what so ever to even get a single interview with a fashion magazine? The same goes for Ugly Betty…i guess…logic plays little part.



Overall it was an enjoyable film.Some good acting by Meryl Streep. Pretty funny for the most part( especially the catty sarcastic remarks made by Nigel and Emily)…but I wouldn’t consider it great. Hmm I think I’ll give it 3/5

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I loved Match Point. Great movie there…I had only thought it was a romance/drama of some sort…and it turn out to be so much more. Which of course spark an interest to watch other Woody Allen films ( I soo want to watch Scoop…have yet to find it anywhere). And the only one I could get my hands on is this…Manhattan. It has really good reviews…has like a rating of 8/10 on IMDB…even touted as his best film. Seem like a romantic comedy that I would enjoy…

…Wrong…I didn’t quite enjoy it as I thought. Its not like I hated it or anything…its just I don’t get why its good…why its considered great…what makes it different…from all the other stories about love…What we have in this movie basically is Issac… a 40+ guy dating a 17 year old who he doesn’t really love…but much loves the city he lives in. One day he meets his friend’s mistress and soon begins an affair with her… Once the affair is ended abruptly…he is soon crawling back wanting to patch up with his girlfriend…the one he still doesn’t actually love…I guess one of the points being made here is people settle with whats there right? And etc…etc

The thing is…this film is just wayy too draggy…too much dialogue…sure some have a little humour but mostly its just…too boring for me…kept waiting for something interesting to happen…nothing does… And oh…I disliked Diane Keaton’s character…then again I’m sure she not meant to be liked. Wrapping up…not what I had expected…not for me at all.

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