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Twin Falls Idaho (1999)

I hate that I missed the first 5 minutes of the movie. Cause even though I watched the rest of it till the very end. It still feels incomplete. I hope to somehow catch it again.

The story: Mark and Michael Polish, real life identical twin brothers play conjoined twins Blake and Francis Falls who lives in a dingy rundown hotel. It is here too where they befriend the prostitute Penny. It seems they have come to this new place so that they could meet their biological mother who gave them up so long ago…no surprise that when they show up at her doorstep…she rejects them once again. We later find out that the reason they came to meet their mother is because, Francis is sick… fatally sick. With Penny as their only friend in the new town the brothers have to face the prospect of seperation, which may cause either or both of their lives.

I like the movie.Mark and Michael Polish played the part of Blake and Francis well. If you didn’t know any better you would really think they were conjoined. Michele Hicks was also great as the rather goth looking prostitute and the unlikely and only friend to Blake and Francis. The story was interesting, haunting and good…and the dark, gritty, depressing atmosphere, imaginery fits the story perfectly. I would definitely recommend this movie…

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