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Ella Enchanted (2004)

When Ella was a baby, her fairy godmother gave her the gift of obedience…which means she will do anything anyone will ask her to do…which is pretty nasty. Now all grown up, and sick and tired off being at the mercy of everyone else…especially her wicked stepsisters, Ella embarks on a journey to find her fairy godmother to take back her gift. Along the way she meets giants, ogres, elves and falls in love with a prince.

Most who have read the book are disappointed by this movie…pointing out that it is hardly faithfully….sticking little to the plot…or some sort. Having said that…I have not read the book…so I can only judge the movie as it is…not an adaptation. And I thought the movie was really fun. The characters are all likeable. Ella is smart and headstrong…the type of Cinderella you would root for and Prince Char…is well charming and handsome…just the Prince you’d imagine for Cinderella.

I must admit I was apprehensive at first about watching this movie…It looked like it could be on the crappy side…especially the whole mocking fairy tale thing (very Shrek like)…But despite the weak special effects and costuming…I did find it all rather cute…and wacky too…somehow the movie worked for me. A rather charming and funny modern fairytale. Definitely something the whole family can enjoy.

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