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Also known as He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.

There’s probably a ton of those movies about crazy psychotic women who are obsessed with getting their men. The Crush comes to mind here. They tend to have the girls/women…pout their lips here and there…wear cute sexy outfits…seduce the men…or something like that. Then the obsession creeps in…they start to wreck havoc in the lives of these men and everyone else.

À la folie… pas du tout…though is quite different than most of those other movies…and of course a lot better too. It actually splits the movie into two perspectives (A simple yet a clever idea don’t you think)…One is that of Angelique ( what a name for the psycho character) the one who is in love with the married Dr Loic and the other is the from the perspective Dr Loic himself.

**Contain Spoilers**

The first is Angelique’s perspective. We see her going on with her life…being totally in love with Loic…gushing about him to her friend…telling her about her plans with Loic…how they’re going on a romantic trip…and how he sometimes disappoints her by not turning up for their dates. Of course this friend believes her..as do we…there’s no reason not to. Angelique seems straight…innocent,sincere,cute,sweet and truly in love. Loic does really seem like a jerk…stringing Angelique around.

Then again this is only one side of the story…later the story starts back at the beginning and we get to see it from Loic perspective…He goes on living his life. He loves his wife. His wife is pregnant. They’re both excited…awaiting the arrival of their child. Then he starts getting flowers and other gifts…his wife has a miscarriage…soon his personal and professional life is in ruins. And finally what Angelique is like and what she has done becomes clear to us. Underneath that sweet and innocent surface…she is one whacked character.

I liked how the first half was light, cute and sweet story about a girl in love. It was actually even funny at times. Then the second half is all serious…A dark thriller about how a girl’s obsession is ruining a man’s life. Almost a whole different different story…yet fused together perfectly and made the story whole. I thought it was a fresh take on the whole obsessive love story…quite unexpected. You could probably call it a dark comedy slash thriller. I like it.

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