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Robin Williams plays Gabriel Noone a radio host. Through a friend he strikes a long distance telephone relationship with a boy who is one of his biggest fan. Soon he begins to question the boy’s identity…is he even real??

The movie starts out ok.The tone is dark and moody. Gabriel’s lover has recently decided to take a break…and he’s pretty depressed about it. So when a mysterious boy comes along under the guise of a fan with a tormented past…Gabriel give his full attention to this boy…sympathizes…becomes his friend and all…diverting his mind away from his failed relationship. Then his lover notices that boy’s voice sounded similar to the boy’s guardian,Donna….here’s the thing though….I can’t see the resemblance…too me they are two different voices…then again…what we get is Gabriel’s perspective…and to him they are two different people…Soon Gabriel comes to see there is something really wrong and he goes to meet Donna to get the truth…some suspenseful scenes are thrown our away…but the end is disappointingly unsatisfying…there was no real climax…since the whole plot has been pretty predictable the whole way…they should have at least thrown in a twist ending…In the end we never did get to know who Donna really was…sure she is loony…but who is she?…and who the boy was too?…also would love to know more about the true story the movie was inspired by…if only they included it as a feature on a DVD…that would have been interesting… Overall, I felt that the movie is a mystery thriller that fails to live up to its potential. Could have been a lot better…right now…it looks like a made for tv thriller.

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Hard Candy (2005)

Hayley, a 14 year old girl has been chatting with Jeff, a 32 year old fashion photographer for a while now. One day they finally decide to meet at a coffee shop. After having a really good first meeting, Hayley invites herself over to his house to innocently listen and borrow some cds. Will she become the victim to this paedophile?

**May Contain Spoilers**

I finally finally rented this movie. Heard soo much about it…plus it was a rather well received movie right. I wasn’t disappointed. This is a great movie. Riveting stuff. Intense. I loved how the cameras moved from one doorway, past the walls and then we finally get to see what actually happens…who won the struggle. As you might have already known…Hayley isn’t the victim, or even prey, if you might call it, in fact she planned, orchestrated everything. And she was brilliantly played by Ellen Page (I’m sure we’ll see more of her). When we first meet Hayley she looked like the typical, chirpy and naïve teenager. But of course she’s smart, mature beyond her years (actually…come to think of it….she might not even be 14…remember Alison Lohman’s character in Matchstick Men?) and absolutely determined to seek out revenge. Patrick Wilson on the other hand plays Jeff, the unsuspecting prey, a man living in denial of what he really is…and did the role just as well…
So basically this is a terrific film… The plot is engaging…with the whole role reversal thing…and nothing is ever as it is…you’d never guess how everything actually ends. The script is good ( of course it has to right? With mainly only two characters…you have to have a great script to keep people watching right?) The shots as I mentioned keeps up with all the suspense. Hence this is a movie I would definitely recommend to watch. So go Watch.

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Under the Tuscan Sun

Diane Lane plays Frances a woman who becomes depressed after a terrible divorced. Worried, her friends encourage her to move on with her life and give her a ticket to a tour of Tuscany. Although reluctant at first she eventually goes on this tour. There she finds a run down villa which she decides, on impulse, to buy and start her life again from scratch. In this new place she meet all sorts of new people and so begins the rest of her life.

Hmm…don’t you just wish you were Frances…that when life takes an awful turn…your friends try to cheer you up by giving you a ticket to ITALY!!!! An all expense paid trip!!!I would probably jump at the chance. And she later buys a house in Tuscany….how do you do that?? Just pick up and leave and just relocate somewhere else…don’t you have to worry about getting a pass and all the immigration stuff first…and how to earn a living there…oh but wait… she already has money….yes yes how lucky of her!…And she’s a writer (who writes reviews??? instead of writing her overdue novel???)…easier to relocate right…perfect choice of occupation there.

Overall…the film is ok not really as good as I though it would be. The scenery is of course beautiful…it’s probably one of the reasons that actually keep anyone watching it. Diane Lane was also perfect for the role…I think she does roles of lost women in the midst of life ‘crisis’ (divorce/affair) and seduced by handsome European men ( remember Unfaithful ) really well. The story itself is so so…typical feel good chick flick…although it doesn’t really have much of the romance thing going on…its more of how she rebuild her life type of thing I guess…and obviously it all ends on a happy note. So hmm let me see…I’ll give it a 3 out of 5 stars. Watch it on a rainy day when you want to watch beautiful scenery where the sun is always shining.

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