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Daniel Radcliffe confirms Harry Potter. Joshua Jackson in Shutter

Daniel Radcliffe has finally confirmed that he will appear in the last two Harry Potter films which are the Half Blood Prince and the Deathly Hallows and will start filming Half Blood Prince in September. Good. Now we know we won’t have to see someone new playing Harry. Here’s hoping the whole Emma Watson…Hermione thing gets settled real quick. No one wants to see a new Hermione for the rest of the films.

Go to DanRadcliffe.co.uk to read more.

Joshua Jackson has joined the cast of Shutter and filming begins mid March. If you haven’t heard of Shutter…well its a remake of a Thai film of the same name. I’ve actually watched the original and really like it. Found it very sad. I do hope the remake stays true to the original storyline. I have no idea why thay have to shoot it in Tokyo though (I know its supposed to be the honeymoon and all) because frankly…location is not key to the storyline…If they’re going to make an American remake..just set it in America…

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