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Slap Her… She’s French (2002)

A popular high school cheerleader, Starla, takes in a french foreign exchange student,Genevieve, into her home and school. Turns out…the initially timid Genevieve is plotting to steal Starla’s popularity and identity.

Typical teen flick. There are some laughs here and there but it wasn’t hilarious or anything. Starla is the dumbest pretty cheerleader you’d probably see and Genevieve…only Starla and her dumb witted friends and family would think she’s actually French. In the end we find that Genevieve used to go to the same school as Starla when they were younger and was trying to get back at her for whatever she did…I can’t really remember…yes the story doesn’t really stick to mind. Watch it only if you have nothing else to watch or just absolutely love teen flicks.

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