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The Break-Up (2006)

After a fight, Brooke and Gary breaks up. But both are unwilling to give up their luxurious condo and refuse to move. Thus war ensues.

So this is the movie which Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughn supposed hooked up…I don’t really follow hollywood gossip and I’m still not clear about the whole thing…did they or did they not hook up?

**May Contain Spoilers**

I don’t really expect much of this movie. Mainly its not a genre that I particularly like watching… anyhow…I was looking for something funny to watch and light hearted and so pick this one out. Overall I thought this was an ok film. Its not as funny as you might have guessed. I mean…some parts of it was funny…others…Well it was actually quite sad the rather pathetic way that Brooke called it quits thinking that Gary would then realised that he needs her…Meanwhile Gary is pretty clueless about how she feels and what her actions really mean…maybe she should have tried moving out right?….

After all the heartache and crying that the actors go through…you would’ve have thought that we finally get too see them get together…but nooo…they didn’t. Which kinda meant that that movie could have end in the first 30 minutes…eh? Not saying this movie was horrible or anything…but could’ve been much better with a better ending.

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