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The O.C Has Been Cancelled

After four seasons, the teen soap opera that is the O.C has finally come to an end due to falling ratings. Back in 2003 this was the hottest new show to hit your tv screens and was named guilty pleasure of the year by VH1…even I watch the show (and still do out of habit)…Hey what’s not to like right?? We get to see how the other half live in their huge mansions in sunny California, where it seems…the weather is always soo perfect. Then there’s the good looking characters prancing around in the latest designer outfits and throwing lavish parties every other week. And the story well…its pretty decent especially for a soap opera. Of course…not forgetting the music. The O.C is one of those shows that dare I say have a great soundtrack…the theme song was brilliantly chosen…and yes the show had some memorable band appearances…such as, The Killers and Rooney.

So what happen right?? I say it’s the story…after season 1, the story was no longer that interesting…have the script writers run out of ideas??? Why do they keep revisiting and reusing the same plot???I mean how many times does Ryan and Marissa have to break up and get together again??? And why does all the guys that Marissa become friends with, always have to fall for her and become obsessed with her… which usually subsequently causes a rift between her and Ryan. Not to mention the whole poor rich girl thing, which was also overdone and overuse. The drinking…the drugs…get over it…people no longer pity her…Which of course maybe the reason why Marissa was killed off. Well it didn’t work, did it. Of course it didn’t…tv shows shouldn’t kill off their main characters….they should’ve probably just toned down the character a bit, less drama could have been better…maybe then the show could have last longer.

So the last episode will be aired on February 22 in the US, but fans here in Singapore will have to wait much long…the local channel is showing season 3, and even here the ratings have fallen (the timeslot has been pushed to 12am)…so I wonder if we will even get to see season 4 in the future. Anyway I think it would certainly be interesting to see how the O.C will end….wait let me guess…they all live happily and filthy rich ever afer. 🙂

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