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If Only (2004)

Jennifer Love Hewitt doesn’t really act in much movies does she? Even if she does…it’ll be like in those crappy looking ones like The Tuxedo and Garfield ( I say that because I haven’t actually watch them) or her movies go entirely unnotice…at least thats what I thought happened to The Truth About Love and If Only. I don’t think they even got a theatrical release in Singapore…it was straight to DVD.

Well anyway…I actually liked The Truth About Love. I thought it was a rather funny,sweet and sad tale of a woman who believed she was in a happy marriage until she found out the truth…So when I found If Only at the rental store…thought I might like this one too…but nope I didn’t. I was truly bored…I wanted it to end.
The Truth About Love was sweet and even funny at times…but If Only was just extremely heavy on romance…and melodramtic too I thought. Basically the story is of Ian and Samantha… a young couple who love each other dearly… only problem is that Ian has trouble showing his love. One day, after a fight where they nearly broke up…Samantha dies in a car crash…and Ian regrets that he never told her how much he love her. Luckily for him though…by some miracle…he got to relive the day…Thus he tries to change little things…so that the end would be different and of course to tell Samantha that he loves her in every way possible….and blah blah…

The story was just ok…the dialogue was pretty bad…acting so so…Way too may cringe worthy moments. Sometimes I think…this was just an excuse to have Jennifer sing on screen…or maybe…she was just making use of the time she was in England (get it? The Truth About Love was also set in England). So overall…bad movie. Not recommended.

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