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Underworld (2003)

For centuries the Vampires and Lycans have been at war and for a long time, it has been believed that the number of Lycans have been dwindling since the death of their leader Lucian…But during a hunt one night, Selene, a beautiful young vampire uncovers that their numbers may not be as weak as they’ve thought. That night too she meets Michael, the Lycans’ target, and would later fall in love with him.

I would never have watched this movie in the theatres or probably even rent it…hmm, I don’t know why …but the movie didn’t really appeal to me…but it was shown on tv recently…and since there was nothing else on…so I watched it…

And I like it…I do. I like the modern dark gothic setting where the creatures of the night lurk, hunting each other, as the war that has been going for centuries, still rages on…unknowing to the humans. I like how the vampires are portrayed as the aristocrats living in a glorious mansion with a strict hierarchy and traditions and the lycans, no more than street thugs having street fights in the gutter…The action sequences too were cool…and the costumes, of course…Kate Beckinsale looks gorgeous as Selene wearing that sleek skin tight PVC corset like costume, but on the whole, I have to say I really like how they chose to dress the vampires…very very sleek and cool.

What more can I say…I like the story, how everything looks…I just enjoyed watching this movie. An entertaining movie you would definitely want to check out.

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