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Often called the male version of The Craft…yes…substitute 4 witches with four warlocks…and film them 10 years later…ta-dah…we have the Covenant.

The story: The first born male from four families all have supernatural powers and gains full power by the age of 18. But the powers are addictive…use it too much…and it will weaken and age them. Adding danger…the son of the fifth banished family has arrived, driven by revenge and greed, to destroy and steal their powers.

covenant2.jpgYou know what…I thought the story was interesting…it had the whole supernatural thing going on…it actually had potential…what a waste though…The bad script…the bad lines…and the acting…the horrible acting…pretty much ruined whatever potential it might have…and Wasn’t Pogue just robotic. The special effects…well that was so-so too….I liked the whole car crashing and resembling part…that was pretty much it…the others were just energy balls being thrown around…something like that.

Overall…Well…no surprise…it wasn’t great. But hey…I didn’t think it was horrible horrible…It is after all a teen supernatural flick…take it for what it is. And for what it was…it was rather entertaining…I wasn’t bored… 🙂 even with the horrible acting and lines…which was sometimes quite funny.



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11:14 consists of five stories of about a dozen small town inhabitants whose lives intersect at… well 11:14 as the title suggests.

I knew very little of this movie…actually almost nothing of it other than what’s written at the back of the dvd cover…I don’t think it even got any theatrical release here. But I was looking for something short to watch and this one fits…it was only 86min long.

The story starts off with this guy talking on the phone while driving…pretty drunk too and as he comes out from under a bridge his car hits something. And so this is how the movie starts off with the other stories following, connecting the characters in some bizarre unimaginable way.

The movie is puzzle like.Often going forward and backwards…each story leaves you wanting more… to know what is actually going on here…how are they connected?…what other insane things are the characters going to do next?…hide a body, rob a convenience store, urinate from a window of movie car…Surely another disastrous consequence. But then none of the characters are truly that good…all very flawed and makes the worst choices…they had it coming.

The movie was an interesting drama/black comedy. Had a pretty good plot…easy to understand and piece together and good pacing too…I like it.


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The Lovely Bones

lovely.jpgFor the longest time we only knew that Peter Jackson was co-writing the screenplay and directing it…Finally now, we get some news on the cast for the Lovely Bones. Yes finally. Rachel Weisz will play Susie’s mother and Ryan Gosling will play Susie’s father. Interesting choice. Its been a good 2 years or more since I’ve read the book…so as usual I can’t remember the exact details and all…but I imagined Susie’s father to be slightly older…Maybe around mid 30’s early 40’s…when Susie died (I might be wrong though)…Ryan Gosling is just way too young…oh well I guess they will try to age him…give him a couple of wrinkles and a scruffy beard. Other than that …They’ve had some very capable actors on board. Now who will play the all important children characters, Lindsey, Buckley, Ruth and Ray?


atonement.jpgSeems like the film will open at the Venice Film Festival this August…but the rest of the world will only get to see it around September to December. I do hope it does get a released in Singapore. For now we only have the pictures to view. There’s been quite a lot released…I’m putting all the links I’ve found here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy..

the billboard


A lot of other pics

This one even has a pic of Lola

Mostly of Cecilia


Ice Age was one of the few animations that I actually enjoyed watching and found it extremely funny. So naturally I was keen to watch the second one when it came out and finally rented it recently. Our favourite prehistoric trio are back…and have accepted and comfortable with the idea of being friends. Manny seems to be facing extinction. Diego has to face his fear off water…especially with all the ice melting…and Sid…well he is being his usual zany self. Of course Scrat the ever positive squirrel is back. How could they ever leave him out…his scenes are probably one of the funniest…him battling all odds to once again save his precious acorn. With a new movie comes new characters. There’s the two crazy possums and their adopted sister…Ellie…a mammoth who thinks she’s a possum and does whatever her possum brothers do…silly yes…she too becomes Manny’s love interest..which is inevitable….since we know they have to mate and all to prevent extinction. And Ellie has got to be the character I least like from the bunch…she just seems …to me at least…loud,irritating…and well not likable.

I have to say though…I much much prefer the first Ice Age. I felt that, that has a better story and much much funnier. The first one seems too, to have more memorable scenes…remember the wacky dodo birds and their watermelon…and the baby that the gang found…This one well…half way through…I kinda lost interest in the story…seems like they’re just walking and walking… there’s just less funny and memorable scenes here…though there were the scenes with the crazy sloth cult group…that was rather funny. Overall…yes its still an enjoyable film…just that I like the first one more 🙂


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Ahhh….the vain and shallow world of the fashion industry. Isn’t it just funny and ridiculous how they run around…pondering over which belt or which shoes will go with some dress…I mean who cares…they all look the same anyway. Or what colours are in this season…what type of tan to get…Or if big sunglasses are still cool. I think thats what I like most about the film…seeing them scurrying around over the smallest things…the behind the scenes look at the fashion industry/magazine were all interesting and funny at the same time. Plus I have to admit…the clothes all look very pretty and of course expensive. I actually like the scenes where we see Andy transforms from this awkward to a fashion forward girl.

prada1.jpgBesides that…I thought Meryl Streep was just devillish as the mean, demanding, determined, ruthless, career obsessed, intimidating boss who expects almost always the impossible. To think that she never even screams her demands all she does is says it softly, slowly and coolly…in an icy cold tone… and poof…everyone runs around in panic mode to get whatever she wants done…You kinda wonder how people can have such a power over other people.

And not to forget,Andy Sachs, played by Anne Hathaway is the protagonist of the film…the character is likeable as it should be … the same though could not be said about her friends…they seem too me a tad annoying. Not at all supportive of her and her career choice…complaining bout the late hours and the boss from hell…shouldn’t the one working the long hours complain more…go figure. I do question one thing though which is central to the plot….how is it ever possible for a girl who have no interest in fashion what so ever to even get a single interview with a fashion magazine? The same goes for Ugly Betty…i guess…logic plays little part.



Overall it was an enjoyable film.Some good acting by Meryl Streep. Pretty funny for the most part( especially the catty sarcastic remarks made by Nigel and Emily)…but I wouldn’t consider it great. Hmm I think I’ll give it 3/5


Robin Williams plays Gabriel Noone a radio host. Through a friend he strikes a long distance telephone relationship with a boy who is one of his biggest fan. Soon he begins to question the boy’s identity…is he even real??

The movie starts out ok.The tone is dark and moody. Gabriel’s lover has recently decided to take a break…and he’s pretty depressed about it. So when a mysterious boy comes along under the guise of a fan with a tormented past…Gabriel give his full attention to this boy…sympathizes…becomes his friend and all…diverting his mind away from his failed relationship. Then his lover notices that boy’s voice sounded similar to the boy’s guardian,Donna….here’s the thing though….I can’t see the resemblance…too me they are two different voices…then again…what we get is Gabriel’s perspective…and to him they are two different people…Soon Gabriel comes to see there is something really wrong and he goes to meet Donna to get the truth…some suspenseful scenes are thrown our away…but the end is disappointingly unsatisfying…there was no real climax…since the whole plot has been pretty predictable the whole way…they should have at least thrown in a twist ending…In the end we never did get to know who Donna really was…sure she is loony…but who is she?…and who the boy was too?…also would love to know more about the true story the movie was inspired by…if only they included it as a feature on a DVD…that would have been interesting… Overall, I felt that the movie is a mystery thriller that fails to live up to its potential. Could have been a lot better…right now…it looks like a made for tv thriller.