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Thank You For Smoking (2005)

Brilliant. This movie was smart sharp witty cynical…I loved it. Aaron Eckhart plays Nick Naylor a tobacco lobbyist and he is the type of guy who in real life you’d want to just punch him in the face for being such a smart ass and his zealousness to prove you’re wrong because as he says it…if you’re wrong than he must be right. But as a character on screen he is about the most interesting entertaining character you’d watch. I mean seriously you can’t believe the kind of stuff he can come up with…he really is talented in the art of talking and spinning. But you know what…I actually found myself rooting for him…especially with that little battle of words he had with the senator. Despite all the spinning, the movie still manages to make Nick human through his efforts at being a good father to his son.

Oh and the M.O.D squad…that was another brilliant idea…putting them together…some funny scenes there…the lets compare whose products kills more people…of course Nick and his cigarettes had to win. I even love the America Spin feature in the DVD. They threw in clips of American politicians at their best. Bush saying “when we’re talking of war we are actually talking about peace”…or something along that line…I mean…wow …that is just classic. Well back to the movie. I would definitely definitely recommend this movie. This is an excellent watch…especially if you love satires, dark comedies and movies with clever dialogue. Great movie here…watch it.

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Lovewrecked (2005)

Amanda Bynes plays Jenny a girl crazy in love with her rock star idol. So when she happens to fall overboard with her idol when on a cruise…and gets marooned on a seemingly deserted island….she hides the fact that they were still on the resort island…just to spend more time with him.

Amanda Bynes plays the typical character she usually plays. The talkative, goofy girl but also incredibly book smart. Here shes actually going to study medcine in college…while in What I Like About You she almost got into Columbia…I mean seriously its getting old…why can’t she play a normal girl…stuck working at the local supermarket with no future ahead and still be goofy. All her characters are carbon copies.

Anyway back to the movie…its ok…not much to say really…the usual teen flick kinda stuff…fun cute and cheery. There were a few funny moments…nothing that stands out though. I bet you can probably guess the ending right now…all happy of course. Would only recommend this if one…you absolutely love teen flicks and two…love Amanda Bynes…otherwise skip this one.

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More Harry Potter Pics

Only 3 more months to the movie….

We get 2 more Harry Potter pics this week. This time we get to see the Weasley siblings. The twins look really tall…and really old too…how old are they suppose to be anyway?

Ahh…Malfoy and his gang…still causing more trouble at Howarts….Emma Watson…looks pretty much the same as in Goblet of fire…even her hair looks the same.

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Posters Galore!

I love posters. A great poster garners interest for the movie. First impressions are everything right? Here are some recent ones.

FANTASTIC 4 RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER: I still think Jessica Alba looks funny in the posters. Its the blonde hair. It just doesn’t suit her…looks unnatural

HAIRSPRAY: Its cute and all but its nothing new. Remember Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen…and I’m sure there are plenty other posters with similar designs.

BRATZ: I never thought those dolls with the big heads to be as popular as they are now. They even made a live action flick! Hey…I get the poster with the head shots only…big head dolls…get it.?

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Atonement Trailer

Yes the trailer is out…well at least I think its the trailer…whatever it is…we finally get to view the clips of the movie. You can check out the trailer here. I think it looks great. The shots, the scenery and the house…or issit a mansion…wasn’t it gorgeous. The young girl who plays the young Briony kinda looks like Romal Garai who is playing the older Briony…and I think they will play the character well. I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again…I just don’t see Keira Knightley as Cecilia…Its been a long time since I’ve read Atonement…but I mean… was Cecilia supposed to be stick thin and always pouting…I don’t think so.

Anyway the scenes that I’m really want to see are the scenes leading up the accusation like the fuss with the play, the dinner, the hunt for the attacker…where the course of the future is changed. It would be interesting too to see all the other important characters on screen such as Lola and the twins. Can’t wait for it to be released.

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Keeping Mum (2005)

**May Contain Spoilers**
Two meanings to that title. Keeping quiet and keeping a mother safe…from well…the police. An entertaining dark comedy…Interesting how Rowan Atkinson plays a serious Vicar in a comedy when in most films he is the comedian. I actually like the younger Grace more than the older Grace.She seems much more calm, collected and sweet you can hardly believe she was capable of murder. Its weird how murder is portrayed here…happy and each deserving…but hey its a dark comedy…its the irony of it all. And the ending…never actually thought that would happen…since the daughter was so disapproving of her mother’s murderous ways…But I guess it was a pretty fitting ending for the movie. Like mother like daughter and keeping mum.

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The Lost Boys (1987)

Two brothers move to a coast town in California. The older one is seduced into joining a teenage vampire gang and its up to his younger brother and his ‘vampire hunter’ friends to save him.

I’m disappointed. This has been said to have been one of the best vampire films…a cult classic…I expected it to be explosive…totally wicked…But nope…I didn’t find it great. Ok maybe you have to be there in the 80’s to actually fully appreciate this movie. Sorry but I cannot get past the bad make up…the weak special effects…and the frog brothers…just don’t like the comedy there.

The only wicked thing in this film was Kiefer Sutherland as David, the head of the Lost Boys. I mean he was rebellious, rude, dangerous, rode a motorcycle…he was the ultimate bad boy. On the whole yes…it was entertaining and I say if you like 80’s flick you’d might want to check this one out.

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Havoc (2005)

Two rich surburban teenage girls decide to step into the wild side and join an East L.A gang.

I’ve read some pretty bad reviews of this movie…and so wanted to see just how horrible it is. Here’s what I think…It just tries way too hard to shock you…without actually shocking you…Sure you see some drugs…sex…but hardly any real fight…gun shooting…or any of that sort…and even if you see any of it on screen…would it really shock you…I mean these kids wanted…I repeat wanted to join the ‘dangerous’ underworld…nothing would shock you at this point right? It wasn’t as if they were squeaky clean kids being thrust into a dangerous world. Plus you know I’m sure its much harder to infiltrate a gang that whats portrayed.

And the kids…they are some of the most idiotic pathetic obvious fakers you would ever see on screen. I mean seriously…you would probably hate them… Some bored, attention seeking rich white kids trying to act and talk street…how do they even survive in their own school?…I’d like to know that. And the actors…I guess they wanted to act in an ‘edgy’ film…or simply…they needed the money. So overall…I guess I agree with all the other reviews…I did not like this movie.

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Aquamarine (2006)

Two teenage girls discover a mermaid, Aquamarine, in their pool. And when the mermaid falls in love with the lifeguard…they help her to win his heart.

This movie got a 3+ rating on imdb…come on….it wasn’t that horrible…it was fairly entertaining…it was cute I thought…and its target audience…tween girls… should like it…right?…Even I liked it. It was cheery…cute…sweet and fun film about growing up and friendship. I mean sure it was a tiny bit cheesy at times…but it’s a kids movie…one can’t really expect that much. And hey it wasn’t all that predictable right…you would have thought they all get their wish…The only thing I pretty much didn’t like was their vision of a mermaid…they went a tad overboard…with the forming legs on land…turning back to tails at night…fingernails changing colour…having great fashion sense…and starfish giving complements…could have made a simpler mermaid (something like Ariel)…I know it kinda sounds bad…especially since the movie is about the mermaid…But really…as a whole…the movie is ok…Girls will definitely like it.
Oh one question I have…when the girls went shopping…I noticed a Giordano (see picture above) shopping bag…I wasn’t aware that they have stores in the US…do they? I’m curious…or issit just plain advertising?

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Population 436

Working for the Census Bureau, Steve Kady is sent to Rockwell Falls…where the population has always been 436 since1860. Trouble for Steve is he is about to discover the town’s deep dark secret…Will he be able to get out of there alive or forced to ba a part of the population?

I actually saw the movie’s ad on demand tv…and thought that it looks like an interesting film…been a while since I’ve seen a good mystery/horror thriller…so I rented it. Have to say that although it is prdeictable( I mean how else does the population remain the same right?) it is a pretty decent flick…considering it did went straight to video right? The story kinda reminds me of the Wicker Man with the whole outsider investigating an isolated town…to the discovering of the strange rituals and traditions the town has. Also it has that Twilight Zone and Stephen King movie kind of look. So I say if you like the Wicker Man, Twilight Zone and Stephen King flicks…I’m sure you’d be interested to check this one out.

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