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Saved! (2004)

Mary attends a christian high school. When she finds out her boyfriend is gay…she trys her best to get him to be straight. Believing that god wants her to save him…she sleeps with him. As it turns out, her first time made her pregnant. In a conservative religious community she is now an out cast.How will she survive?

Funny just the right amount. This movie somehow manages to be funny mocking the hypocrisy and excessiveness of extremely religious people without being overly crude and mean. I also thought Mandy Moore was perfect as Hilary Faye, an awful witch (she’s actually played other witchy roles in American Dreams and the Princess Diaries) trying to force her religion on her classmate—which was a pretty hopeless and hilarious affair. Everyone else was good in this too. There’s even Macaulay Culkin (where has he been) as Hilary Faye’s wheelchair bound brother. Overall…entertaining

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