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Enigma (2001)

Dougray Scott plays Thomas Jericho who is working with a team of other code breakers for the Allied forces during the second world war. He is also haunted by memories of his now missing girlfriend…or issit ex-girlfriend. During one of his flashbacks…we see that they had been in some argument before she disappeared…which made me think…did he have something to do with her disappearance…and is now suppressing his memories? But later in her room he finds some secret code thing she had hid under the wooden floors…so is she a spy…a traitor maybe? He meets her roommate…and they take it upon themselves to search for the truth. Eventually though…we find out that she is pretty much alive…staged her own disappearance or something like that …I’m not sure.

The thing is I didn’t fully understand the film. There are several reasons for this…I guess. One…it might have been the thick English accent. Two…the uneven audio. Sometimes I just couldn’t hear a thing…this is where subtitles would’ve been helpful. Distributors should really think about putting subtitles for all movies. Third…maybe I just can’t understand these “complex” conspiracy theory-spy-code breaker movies. Other than that it was a rather watch able film…considering I did watch till the very end.

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