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When are we ever gonna see Catcher in the Rye on the big screen…probably never right…And since I am a fan of the book…and love movies…I do hope that an adaptation will be made. Well for now what we get are movies/stories inspired by the book…and what we have here is a flick where a troubled teenager, who feels strongly that the book relates to what he’s going through, goes on a journey to meet J.D Salinger.

You know what…this movie was extremely dull and boring…trying way too hard to be a serious thought provoking flick…instead it looks like a typical straight to video teen flick about an angst ridden teen.

** May contain Spoilers**

Firstly, I hardly believe D.J Qualls as Neil the rebellious teenager…that confrontation scene with a fellow classmate…that was far fetch…he was hardly intimidating…the other guys could easily have jump him some other time. And tell me what are the chances of a pretty girl like T.J having a crush on Neil before she even gets to know him…Then the whole trip to New York thing…the whole self exploration thing…meeting with some trouble and shady people…wanting to kill J.D Salinger….what issit with fans trying to kill their supposed heroes anyway…?? And of course it all had to end with T.J being sick and dying…rather typical isn’t it …?? But then again the problem isn’t with how typical the storyline is…its how it was told…it was weak…you’d hardly feel anything for the characters.

I say…if you absolutely have to watch it cause of its relation to Catcher in the Rye…I’d advise you to just rent it…it’s not for keeps.

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