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The Boys Next Door (1996)

Looking at the title you might have thought this was another teen flick, but its not. Meet the boys next door: Norman is developmentally challenged and who works at a donut store. He loves his donuts, keys and has a crush on Sheila. Arnold is manic depressive and has problem returning the cereals he bought at the store. Lucien has an I.Q of a 5 year old and Barry is a schizophrenic who’s fearful of his insensitive father. They are the four mentally challenged grown men who live under one roof on their own This is of course only possible with the help of their social worker and friend Jack who checks on them regularly.

I’m not really a fan of Hallmark movies. I usually find them overly sentimental and melodramatic with poor acting. But here the story was actually good .It was able to be funny and touching at the same time while giving an insight to the lives of these men. I thought the actors too did a commendable job portraying mentally challenged people as realistically as they could. Definitely worth the watch.

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