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Ok so I was at the bookstore today…browsing movie magazines, and I stumbled upon this small section in a DVD magazine…dedicated to readers collection of DVDs…where readers get to boast the huge collection they have …with pictures and all. And wow…the collection they feature was huge…This guy had like close to 3000 DVD…Wow. And of course he doesn’t have the biggest…Some other guy has like close to 14000 DVDs. Lets do a calculation. How much do I need to get myself 14000 DVD assuming each costs at least $25….14000×25=350000…again Wow.Thats a lot of money. Haha…If only I have that much…my collection is pretty pathetic…not worth mentioning…Then again why would I want 14000 DVDs…other then…to show it off in a magazine…I’d want only the good ones…the ones I actually like…the ones I can watch over and over again…thats maybe like a 1000 at most. 🙂 or maybe a lot less.

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Rear Window (1954)

A photographer, Jeff, becomes wheelchair bound after breaking his leg. Stuck at home, he spend his days spying on his neighbours from his apartment window. One day he suspects that one of his neighbours has murdered his wife. Is he just imagining it?

One of the main reasons why I watched this is because I want to watch Disturbia…so basically I want to compare. Plus this is a classic…and has gotten many praises…And after watching it I understand why…but I wouldn’t exactly count it as a favourite.

Its interesting though how a movie that only has pretty much one setting (just one small apartment) can be so engaging. Never once did I thought the movie was boring. Like Jeff, we too only get to see the neighbours from the window and are kept guessing… did he do it?…By the way ,I had always guessed that he did…The dialogue too is smart and witty…and the language used…hard to imagined that this was a movie made more than half a century ago.

I’ll keep this short. I didn’t think I would’ve enjoyed it…thought it seemed like a boring old flick about a nosy neighbour. But of course its all about how you tell the story and how you shoot it…right? I’ll give it about 3.5/5.

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