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Robin Williams plays Gabriel Noone a radio host. Through a friend he strikes a long distance telephone relationship with a boy who is one of his biggest fan. Soon he begins to question the boy’s identity…is he even real??

The movie starts out ok.The tone is dark and moody. Gabriel’s lover has recently decided to take a break…and he’s pretty depressed about it. So when a mysterious boy comes along under the guise of a fan with a tormented past…Gabriel give his full attention to this boy…sympathizes…becomes his friend and all…diverting his mind away from his failed relationship. Then his lover notices that boy’s voice sounded similar to the boy’s guardian,Donna….here’s the thing though….I can’t see the resemblance…too me they are two different voices…then again…what we get is Gabriel’s perspective…and to him they are two different people…Soon Gabriel comes to see there is something really wrong and he goes to meet Donna to get the truth…some suspenseful scenes are thrown our away…but the end is disappointingly unsatisfying…there was no real climax…since the whole plot has been pretty predictable the whole way…they should have at least thrown in a twist ending…In the end we never did get to know who Donna really was…sure she is loony…but who is she?…and who the boy was too?…also would love to know more about the true story the movie was inspired by…if only they included it as a feature on a DVD…that would have been interesting… Overall, I felt that the movie is a mystery thriller that fails to live up to its potential. Could have been a lot better…right now…it looks like a made for tv thriller.

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Also known as He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.

There’s probably a ton of those movies about crazy psychotic women who are obsessed with getting their men. The Crush comes to mind here. They tend to have the girls/women…pout their lips here and there…wear cute sexy outfits…seduce the men…or something like that. Then the obsession creeps in…they start to wreck havoc in the lives of these men and everyone else.

À la folie… pas du tout…though is quite different than most of those other movies…and of course a lot better too. It actually splits the movie into two perspectives (A simple yet a clever idea don’t you think)…One is that of Angelique ( what a name for the psycho character) the one who is in love with the married Dr Loic and the other is the from the perspective Dr Loic himself.

**Contain Spoilers**

The first is Angelique’s perspective. We see her going on with her life…being totally in love with Loic…gushing about him to her friend…telling her about her plans with Loic…how they’re going on a romantic trip…and how he sometimes disappoints her by not turning up for their dates. Of course this friend believes her..as do we…there’s no reason not to. Angelique seems straight…innocent,sincere,cute,sweet and truly in love. Loic does really seem like a jerk…stringing Angelique around.

Then again this is only one side of the story…later the story starts back at the beginning and we get to see it from Loic perspective…He goes on living his life. He loves his wife. His wife is pregnant. They’re both excited…awaiting the arrival of their child. Then he starts getting flowers and other gifts…his wife has a miscarriage…soon his personal and professional life is in ruins. And finally what Angelique is like and what she has done becomes clear to us. Underneath that sweet and innocent surface…she is one whacked character.

I liked how the first half was light, cute and sweet story about a girl in love. It was actually even funny at times. Then the second half is all serious…A dark thriller about how a girl’s obsession is ruining a man’s life. Almost a whole different different story…yet fused together perfectly and made the story whole. I thought it was a fresh take on the whole obsessive love story…quite unexpected. You could probably call it a dark comedy slash thriller. I like it.

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The Golden Compass


View trailer here. Ok…I kinda like the poster. The icy blue shades…kinda makes you think its a Snow Queen movie of some sort…and the huge polar bear reminds of those polar bears in Chronicles of Narnia. The trailer…hmm didn’t really like it…again looks too much like Narnia…from the colours…the effects…even how the animal looks like…Neither can I really get what the movie is about…and from my perspective…it looks all too similar to Narnia. Sure the poster and trailer looks pretty and all…but overall it doesn’t really grab me.

Becoming Jane


View the trailers here and here. Ok I love period/costume dramas. I love the effort trying to keep the language/settings/costumes true to the era. And I’m really looking forward to this. I like the trailers and all. The scenes look pretty…of course it definitely reminds me of Mansfield Park and Pride and Prejudice…I hope its as good.


View the trailer here. The trailer is out…but not the poster…thats weird. Haha…this film looks cute. The trailer starts off like the typical old fashion Disney fairytale with the whole singing thing… suddenly we see the princess being push into the fountain…and drops right into the real world…then she goes around New York looking for a way to get home to her prince…and ta da …she bumps into McDreamy. You know what I’m interested…seems like a fun comedy watch…How will a fairytale princess survive in the real world…

I Know Who Killed Me


View the trailer here. Hmm the blue glowing flower…it does look mysterious…with the blood dripping off it at the bottom…but other than that I don’t get the significance of the flower…what does it suppose to mean? This must be Lindsay Lohan’s first thriller right? The trailer is so so…has the typical trailer of a thriller look. First we meets Aubrey…then she goes missing…and when she’s found…it isn’t really Aubrey…its Dakota…a girl who looks like Aubrey ( Lindsay back to her Parent Trap days playing twins?)…Are they really twins? Different people? Or is the case of a split personality? I’m keen to watch this. I wanna know what happens. If I have to make a guess here…I think its the split personality thing.



View the trailer here. Another poster out. Now we get to see part of their face. The trailer is ok I guess for teenagers. We see some pretty girls wearing some pretty clothes…talking about being BFF (I hate the stupid BFF things)…Then we meet a mean girl who shows them the cliques ( like in Mean Girls isn’t it) at school and wants to seperate them (aww…what a major disaster)…somewhere along they do join the cliques and weren’t BFFs anymore…One day all being stuck at detention…they reunite believing that they should all be themselves and BFFs again…or something like that. Frankly I’m not really interested in this little flick…but I might just watch it…just to see how bad it could be…cause it does look a little crappy. Now I’m wondering when are they going to make a live action movie of Barbie.

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Population 436

Working for the Census Bureau, Steve Kady is sent to Rockwell Falls…where the population has always been 436 since1860. Trouble for Steve is he is about to discover the town’s deep dark secret…Will he be able to get out of there alive or forced to ba a part of the population?

I actually saw the movie’s ad on demand tv…and thought that it looks like an interesting film…been a while since I’ve seen a good mystery/horror thriller…so I rented it. Have to say that although it is prdeictable( I mean how else does the population remain the same right?) it is a pretty decent flick…considering it did went straight to video right? The story kinda reminds me of the Wicker Man with the whole outsider investigating an isolated town…to the discovering of the strange rituals and traditions the town has. Also it has that Twilight Zone and Stephen King movie kind of look. So I say if you like the Wicker Man, Twilight Zone and Stephen King flicks…I’m sure you’d be interested to check this one out.

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How many films do you watch in a month?

How many? Me ? When I don’t rent… and only depending on the local tv channels…maybe its around 4 or so. But when I’m on my movie marathon streak…and continously renting…I can watch quite a lot. This month only I’ve already watch close to a dozen. Is that a lot? I guess it kinda is, especially when I’m not able to write my mini reviews as fast as I watch. 🙂 I wonder how many other movie buff’s watch in a typical month…care to share?

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Daniel Radcliffe confirms Harry Potter. Joshua Jackson in Shutter

Daniel Radcliffe has finally confirmed that he will appear in the last two Harry Potter films which are the Half Blood Prince and the Deathly Hallows and will start filming Half Blood Prince in September. Good. Now we know we won’t have to see someone new playing Harry. Here’s hoping the whole Emma Watson…Hermione thing gets settled real quick. No one wants to see a new Hermione for the rest of the films.

Go to DanRadcliffe.co.uk to read more.

Joshua Jackson has joined the cast of Shutter and filming begins mid March. If you haven’t heard of Shutter…well its a remake of a Thai film of the same name. I’ve actually watched the original and really like it. Found it very sad. I do hope the remake stays true to the original storyline. I have no idea why thay have to shoot it in Tokyo though (I know its supposed to be the honeymoon and all) because frankly…location is not key to the storyline…If they’re going to make an American remake..just set it in America…

Read more here.


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Posters Galore

I love posters. A great poster garners interest for the movie. First impressions are everything right? Here are some recent ones.

Fantasic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

The teaser poster has finally been released. Not too bad. Looks cool and all. I still don’t know who this Silver Surfer is…I used to watch the cartoons…but I can’t remember who he is…


Quite a creepy looking poster eh? Is she being buried? It does seem that Elisha Cuthbert is taking a lot of these horror/thriller type of movies….

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