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The Lake House is …if you don’t already know it is a remake of a Korean movie called Il Mare…Really curious if there were a lot of changes made compared to the original…lake-house2.jpgOk so the movie revolves around Kate a lonely workaholic doctor who has just moved out of her lake house, and she leaves a message in the mailbox for the next resident…So guess who gets this message…Alex a lonely architect who is the former owner…only thing is…he’s in 2004…and she’s in 2006. Impossible right? But it does happen to these two characters…and so they continue corresponding through the magical mailbox…soon love blossoms. Will they ever get to meet?

You know what…I quite like this movie…and its not even a genre that I usually particular enjoy watching. But I like it. The fall/winter setting was beautiful. The lake house was beautiful…I would never want to live in a glass house like that but I can’t deny its gorgeous. The characters were likable…Nice to see Keanu and Sandra acting together again, though…they share very little screen time together. Anyhow they still look good.lake-house1.jpg The perfect on screen couple. The plot, was ok…interesting enough and easy to follow. Quite different from most and there was even a climatic scene near the end…where the movie could go either way. Of course the whole plot with mailbox as the gateway to two time periods defies all logic…but what the heck…its a romantic fantasy and somehow it works. You find yourself rooting for the characters to arrive at the happiness they seek. Most of all…the end was satisfying…I mean…when you watch a romance or romantic/comedy movie…what type of ending would you want to see? (referring to the Break Up here)…So if you want to watch a charming romance flick this is it.

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How many films do you watch in a month?

How many? Me ? When I don’t rent… and only depending on the local tv channels…maybe its around 4 or so. But when I’m on my movie marathon streak…and continously renting…I can watch quite a lot. This month only I’ve already watch close to a dozen. Is that a lot? I guess it kinda is, especially when I’m not able to write my mini reviews as fast as I watch. 🙂 I wonder how many other movie buff’s watch in a typical month…care to share?

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