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The River King (2005)

Looking at the poster…what do you think the story is going to be like? We see a frozen body of a boy in the river, his hand slightly above the surface as if grasping for help…and a police officer looking grimly down at the body. Well I thought the story was a going to be a sad haunting look at a boy’s life and the events that will ultimately lead to his death.

After viewing it though…I was quite disappointed…it was never as haunting as what was potentially potrayed in the poster. I mean sure everything looked gloomy dark and sad…but it was snowing…so of course everything appears gloomy right? The characters weren’t very interesting too…I’m sure we were suppose to sympathize with several of the characters…the police officer whose brother died when he was young, the dead boy….who could have been murdered…and the dead boy’s best friend who had just lost her friend…but I didn’t really feel sympathy for any of the characters…I blame it on the weak character development. The movie itself was slow draggy and some times just didn’t make sense. The whole affair between the police officer and the teacher was one of them…I’m sure it was just thrown in for sex appeal…I mean even the character of the teacher…what was the significance of her character? Nothing. She only took pictures…which kinda have an image of a ghost in it…but then that leads to the question of the ghost…what happens to it? It appears…and disappears? What was the significance? More thought should have gone into this.

**Contain Spoilers**

Of course the most disappointing of all is the ending. The police and the school were quick to conclude it was suicide and close the case…and guess what it was suicide. Wow did they beat around the bush a lot before telling us that it was suicide after all…kinda felt cheated…don’t you. Anyway best that you rent…if you’re really interested to watch this…

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