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The Lovely Bones

lovely.jpgFor the longest time we only knew that Peter Jackson was co-writing the screenplay and directing it…Finally now, we get some news on the cast for the Lovely Bones. Yes finally. Rachel Weisz will play Susie’s mother and Ryan Gosling will play Susie’s father. Interesting choice. Its been a good 2 years or more since I’ve read the book…so as usual I can’t remember the exact details and all…but I imagined Susie’s father to be slightly older…Maybe around mid 30’s early 40’s…when Susie died (I might be wrong though)…Ryan Gosling is just way too young…oh well I guess they will try to age him…give him a couple of wrinkles and a scruffy beard. Other than that …They’ve had some very capable actors on board. Now who will play the all important children characters, Lindsey, Buckley, Ruth and Ray?


atonement.jpgSeems like the film will open at the Venice Film Festival this August…but the rest of the world will only get to see it around September to December. I do hope it does get a released in Singapore. For now we only have the pictures to view. There’s been quite a lot released…I’m putting all the links I’ve found here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy..

the billboard


A lot of other pics

This one even has a pic of Lola

Mostly of Cecilia

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Atonement Trailer

Yes the trailer is out…well at least I think its the trailer…whatever it is…we finally get to view the clips of the movie. You can check out the trailer here. I think it looks great. The shots, the scenery and the house…or issit a mansion…wasn’t it gorgeous. The young girl who plays the young Briony kinda looks like Romal Garai who is playing the older Briony…and I think they will play the character well. I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again…I just don’t see Keira Knightley as Cecilia…Its been a long time since I’ve read Atonement…but I mean… was Cecilia supposed to be stick thin and always pouting…I don’t think so.

Anyway the scenes that I’m really want to see are the scenes leading up the accusation like the fuss with the play, the dinner, the hunt for the attacker…where the course of the future is changed. It would be interesting too to see all the other important characters on screen such as Lola and the twins. Can’t wait for it to be released.

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