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Often called the male version of The Craft…yes…substitute 4 witches with four warlocks…and film them 10 years later…ta-dah…we have the Covenant.

The story: The first born male from four families all have supernatural powers and gains full power by the age of 18. But the powers are addictive…use it too much…and it will weaken and age them. Adding danger…the son of the fifth banished family has arrived, driven by revenge and greed, to destroy and steal their powers.

covenant2.jpgYou know what…I thought the story was interesting…it had the whole supernatural thing going on…it actually had potential…what a waste though…The bad script…the bad lines…and the acting…the horrible acting…pretty much ruined whatever potential it might have…and Wasn’t Pogue just robotic. The special effects…well that was so-so too….I liked the whole car crashing and resembling part…that was pretty much it…the others were just energy balls being thrown around…something like that.

Overall…Well…no surprise…it wasn’t great. But hey…I didn’t think it was horrible horrible…It is after all a teen supernatural flick…take it for what it is. And for what it was…it was rather entertaining…I wasn’t bored… 🙂 even with the horrible acting and lines…which was sometimes quite funny.


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After.Life Poster

This poster has recently been released and the movie stars Kate Bosworth. Not really sure what the movie is really about. The movie’s page on IMDB is pretty empty. Its plot outline only says that its the story of a young woman caught between life and death who fights against the funeral director who has a hand in her fate. You can check it out here. But does the poster not look interesting? I thought it did. And creepy too…A spirit arising from its dead body. It kinda reminds me of the Corpse Bride and even Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. I mean with the pale skin and tangled hair…a bit like Sally right? Of course Sally has dark hair and is only an animated character…Could this be a good supernatural flick? By the looks of the poster…it could be.

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