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What can I say… I’m disappointed. I loved the first two films. They were great…they were everything that any other comic book superhero movie should strive to be. They had the right amount of drama, romance, action and comedy. If only they had stuck to same recipe of success…instead, they injected way too much action and corny cheesy comedy.

spider1.jpgLet me see what did I love about the first two films…I loved the narration. We actually get Peter’s perspective of what he’s going through and thus he seems much more human than ever before. The villains…with each movie we are introduced to new villains. With only one villain for each movie…each has more screen time…are better developed…and we are further able to understand where they are coming from. And of course with villains…come the next best things…the great special effect and action sequences…I thought the action scenes with Doc Ock were really cool. The movie also had some really good drama…from Peter losing Uncle Ben, Peter struggling with school and work, contemplating not being Spider-Man anymore and the whole drama with Mary Jane. With a small tinge of comedy and romance…both movies were extremely fun and entertaining.

**May Contain Spoilers**

So what did Spider-Man 3 do wrong? (my opinion anyway). Where was the narration…the voice overs? And the villains…there were like 3…thats like villain overload…you kinda wonder how Spider-Man survived after all the numerous attacks…I know he’s a super hero and all…but he’s becoming less and less human in this movie. Plus…I don’t think the villains were as developed as they could have possibly been…I still don’t get where Sandman is coming from… Is he really bad…or good but extremely tormented? Neither did I like the whole drama with the love triangle between Peter,MJ and Gwen Stacy…I absolutely hate how Gwen was introduced…I for one have never read the comics…but I do know that Gwen is suppose to be Peter’s first love or something…and to throw her into the story just for the love triangle plot…I think thats weak. The worst I have to say…is the whole comedic dance routine…that was utterly ridiculous. Was not the least bit funny…quite a pathetic attempt to inject some light comedy into the movie. Oops…and almost forgot…how many times are we going to see MJ being held hostage by the villain…the damsel in distress again…its getting old…spider2.jpg

So… about the only thing I like about this movie was the special effects and action sequences…especially the chase and fight sequences between Spider-man and the Green Goblin and the formation of Sandman. They look really cool…Spider-man was like bouncing of walls …again awesome. And aww…I hate how it ends…with Harry dying..who’s gonna be the Green Goblin now? And who will the alien symbiote cling onto next?…I think we can be sure will see a Spider-Man 4…hopefully a much better storyline

I think my thoughts a pretty much clear. Overall I did not like this Spider-Man movie at all. Want to watch a great comic super hero movie…watch the first two Spider-Man.

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Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette the story of the Austrian girl who by the age of 19 became France’s Queen.

I love watching period dramas…partly because I love their beautiful period costumes. Marie Antoinette is one of the latest period dramas coming out in October….I’m not sure when it will be released in Singapore though…maybe several weeks later…I hope it does get released here.

Sofia Coppola who directed the Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation directs Marie Antoinette. I love the Virgin Suicides, it’s a beautiful and a hauntingly narrated tale of five sisters…Lost in translation on the other hand…I can’t quite understand. Well any way back to this one, it clearly seems from the posters and the trailer, the movie will be a rather modernized telling of Marie Antoinette’s story. That would be interesting…I hope it works. I must say, I like the trailers, the movie seems colourful and well…pretty…. so does the posters don’t you think? And the costumes are gorgeous too. Kirsten Dunst even graced the cover of Vogue as Marie Antoinette in September’s issue.

This is one movie I’m looking forward to.

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